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Should I seek medical treatment for my toe

Asked by Brown07 (2points) March 12th, 2008

I kicked my bed base 2 nights ago withthe toe next to my little toe. Yesterday I could not get a shoe on – went to work an had a full day of being up and down. By the time I got home and could finally put my foot up the upper pad of the bottom of my foot was swollen, extreme pain…toe is gray with blood coagulating around the nail and blackish on the backside of the toe. Very painful….took today off to try and rest it. Still painful and nasty looking…what should I do???

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Uh…yeah, you should get it checked out if it’s that painful that you need to take a day off work.

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Ooohhhh, it sounds to me like its broken. Problem is, they can’t repair a broken toe. It just has to heal naturally. I broke my baby toe and it was horrible. They can give you meds to help with the pain though.

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