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How to learn Ruby on Rail quickly?

Asked by friendly12345 (19points) May 1st, 2010

I’ve already have knowledge of programming in C/C++ and PHP, especially in PHP. But now I want to start learning Ruby and Ruby on Rail, so where is the fast way to learn from scratch.

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So do I need to learn ruby in order to learn ruby on rail. Or I just jump in to ruby on rail and start learning it.

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Ruby is the language and Rails is the framework. You need to know Ruby to use Rails. It is like PHP and CakePHP.

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Do you even know why you need to learn Rails? There are several other Ruby web application frameworks that don’t impose all of Rails’ structure upon the programmer.

I agree with other Ruby web developers who moved away from Rails because they wanted to be closer to their code.

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The easiest way to learn any programming language is to create a project using that language. For Ruby, search for “Why the Lucky Stiff”. Thats the nickname of the author of one of the most user friendly Ruby books ever written. Its a comical introduction to Ruby. You will love it.

Visit to get access to sample ruby code you can study for use in your own applications.

There is a small game-like tutor called Hackety Hack. It introduces you to Ruby in the same way that tutors used to teach Turtle Logo. Simple executable exercises.

Ruby is pretty similar to PHP. I do both and I can tell you there are fewer concepts you may have to discard since you are already familiar with PHP.

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