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Dried urine on mattress - help!

Asked by ers2007 (18points) May 1st, 2010

This is very embarrassing, but luckily the internet is somewhat an anonymous community. But here goes….

I am a college student a moved home just yesterday. The night before I left was our last night on campus, so my friends and I all went out. Needless to say, I got pretty drunk and passed out in my bed (as usual).

I woke up in the morning and my shirt was all wet as was the bed and mattress. I thought at the time it was just water, as there was an empty glass of water next to my bed. My mattress was fairly damp and my shirt was soaked (I did not think I could manage to get my shirt wet up to my neck if I truly did wet the bed).

So, I didn’t really dry off the mattress thinking if it was just water it would dry out. I stored the mattress in tight room with a bunch of other furniture for the summer until August when i move back to college. When I got home, I went to put the shirt I slept in that night in the washer, and gave it a smell, and I am now convinced I did pee the bed.

I have been worrying so much that my mattress is going to be ruined with mold, etc. Does anyone have any serious input in this—do you think it will be ok and just have a smell that hopefully I can get out?

Keep in mind that since I had been drinking, my urine was mostly water and it wasn’t very potent—ie, it was clear (you know what I am talking about if you are a drinker).

Thanks for your input, and please don’t laugh!!! :)

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Try using a product called, Resolve. Or hydrogen peroxide.

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Well, the problem is, I won’t have access to the mattress until August. So it is left to sit until August. My question is….will it be ok (mold free) by then? I can live with a smell that I can hopefully get out with resolve, etc.

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In order for mold to grow, it would need to be dark & moist. If the urine has dried up, the likelihood of mold growing is very slim. You should be safe.

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Febreze. That might work, but it’s sort of a joke. There’s a product out there called Odoban…it’s amazing at removing smells. I’ve always bought it on eBay, because I refuse to shop at Walmart, but Walmart sells it, as does Sam’s Club. Try it, it will remove pretty much ANY smell. Mold is probably not the issue with urine…it should just be stinky, so…unless things are green…just clean the offending parts.

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I have been known to wet the bed after a long night of drinking. You are pretty safe here as long as there is a bit of airflow around the mattress. Like you said, when you are wasted enough to piss the bed it isn’t going to be much different from spilling a glass of water. I wouldn’t worry.

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Use a pet stain smell type product and let it sit for awhile then what you should do is pour hot water and soap and scrub the heck out of it. Pet stain/smell product lifts a lot of things.

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