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How to automatically clean sh*t stains from toilet?

Asked by Superman2211 (17points) May 1st, 2010

Ok I’m in a bit of a pickle. My toilet has some shit stains on it and it’s starting to gross me out. I periodically pour bleach in it, but the stains are developing near the top of the bowl and the bleach won’t reach that high. My other problem is I’m a lazy bastard and theres no way in hell i’m going to scrub that thing any time soon.

Is there any way to automatically dissolve the stains? Do those pellets that turn your water blue work? How about the chlorox ones?

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Wow. I mean, wow. Try a brush. Shit stains? Really? Jesus. Clorox might work. I’m astounded at the absurdity of this question.

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Two excrement questions in a row for me, I feel like I’m on a roll. So to speak.

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Absurd? It’s a question. When shit stains develop in lower parts of the bowl (bellow the waterline), I pour straight bleach in it. After a few hours they dissolve away.

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Just get some wire mesh (the kind that is used for sanding) and latex gloves. It’ll take you 5 minutes. Or pay someone.

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@Superman2211 I can’t believe you would spend the time to find a website to answer this question, instead of taking the 10 SECONDS it takes with a toilet brush to keep your toilet bowl white. I don’t won’t to judge you but…it’s hard.

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@kevbo Wire mesh will scratch the porcelain, and the stains eventually will be worse than ever.

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Use a brush you lazy bastard. Is shitting also tiresome?

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So do the Chlorox tablets work or not? What about the ones that turn your bowl blue? Why do people use them then?

Please answer my question. I’m not here for a lecture

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They only work on an already clean toilet and they only last so long. I have a dog who thinks it is okay to drink out of the toilet bowl and kids who don’t know how to keep the lid down, so, I don’t use them. Even still a toilet brush does wonders. I don’t even want to imagine what you are eating if this is a constant problem.

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Sure they work. But that’s not the point. They won’t work on YOUR problem. Shit doesn’t dye white. It eventually gets washed away…eventually. If the stains are bothering you, turn off your computer, get off your ass, and brush the toilet. You’ll be back to the internet in under 3 minutes. Or, leave the stains, and deal with it.

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And I have to say, that surely IS a pickle. Thanks for involving us. I feel better now.

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Tablets and blue stuff are for trailer trash who want to camouflage their shit stains.

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Spray some chlorine cleaner on it, wait a few minutes than wash it off with your showerhead on full pressure.Scrub the rest off with a brush.

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I suppose you could use some kind of polymer to seal the pores so that poo doesn’t stick. Auto wax comes to mind. Still you would have to re-apply occasionally. And sometimes, if you say.. consume a crave case of Sliders, there may be grease tracks that you might have to coax off with a brush. ewww.

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See thats what I’m talkin about. Good sugestion. I don’t want to brush that nasty shit, then set the brush back down that just cleaned shit lol

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Fucking spoiled brats.

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Spoiled? I just feel that we have the technology to pull this off. Theres gotta be a better way than just scrubbing…... theres gotta.

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I use bleach tablets in the tank and they work really well.

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You buy a product like this and you squirt it around the inside of the bowl and let it sit for a bit. Then you buy Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush System which has these little flushable mop-head thingies and blue disinfectant. It even comes with a holder to hang it off the side of the toilet.

Minimal effort.

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Are you sure they’re shit stains? Not stains from iron in your water? Those do require very serious scrubbing (see PandoraBoxx above – you might need to use a pumice stone after the Scrubbing Bubbles).
Shit doesn’t stick that well; it’s water-soluble; it can’t “stain” porcelain unless the porcelain’s surface is no longer viable. If that’s the case, you need a whole new toilet.

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First World Problem. I would love to see you dealing with shitting in a outhouse.

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@nope, at the rate he cleans, this is likely not something to worry about.

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I just wanna say the the obnoxiousness of this question made me laugh out loud at the ignorance….thanks..

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I’m with @susanc- seems unlikely that’s the cause of the stains, especially if it won’t rinse away.. & a lot above the waterline? Sounds more like hard water deposit or something. If you get a mineral deposit, over time organic matter accumulates in it & it will be brown while not technically being shit stain. Dunno about your water, but white vinegar works on mine.

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I think they are probably water stains. Still, spray it with Clorox Clean up or a foaming spray that will “stick” up there for a while instead of running down the inside of the bowl. Or spray straight bleach on it. It will rinse the next time you flush the toilet.

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@susanc Great answer!

Now let’s all move on….Nothing to see here…. Keep it moving folks….

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Every time you poop you should flush it, did you know that?

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Huge kudos to @ragingloli for veering us off in a better direction.

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You know what works great? Draino. I’m serious, no matter how badass your shit stains are, Draino on them will destroy them.

The problem is getting the Draino to actually go on the stains, which is kinda hard, depending on where the mess is. What I did was just put some on a scrubber and carefully rubbed the granules on the crap, and they clean right off.
I know you said you don’t want to use the brush but it will take two minutes. Just toss the brush after since the granules will most likely have damaged it, depending on how much you put on there.

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Now he’s using lye and eating through a metal brush to clean the toilet? Why not just quarantine the bathroom? Any mother will tell you shit isn’t going to kill you. How about a pair of disposable rubber gloves and some bleach and a scrub pad. But as mentioned if these are orange stains it might be rust. But hey if you get this you don’t even have to wipe your own ass.
I actually think this thing’s for real

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I am sorry that was supposed to go into another thread. I was wondering where my answer went, so this is where it ended up. Can someone remove it please?

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I flagged it.
I was wondering what that was all about! I was scratching my head thinking , “now this is obscure”...

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What a bunch of self righteous a**holes!

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If you’re going to flame people with cuss words, why not write the whole goddamn thing, asshole?

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