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What should I say to my older brother on his 18th birthday?

Asked by smile1 (493points) May 1st, 2010

I can’t really say just “happy birthday” as I do every year, as turning 18, I believe is a HUGE deal! Its a whole new part to his life! Hes no longer the age of a minor!

My main problem isn’t what to say to him in PERSON, but what I should write on my little movie clip I made for him. The movie clip contains many of his pictures of him growing up, and I mentioned how far he’s gone…

I want to write something that is memorable, and yet something not too serious, but I can’t think of anything.

Also, what are some good songs that I can put into the movie? That fit this whole concept…?

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You obriously love your older brother, or you wouldn’t be going to this trouble. I can’t help you with what to say, so I’m not sure why I’m answering this question…but, I think this needs to come from YOU, not from Fluther. Sit down in a quiet place for a while, and think about it. Let the thoughts flow, without reserve, and see what comes out. TELL HIM HOW YOU FEEL, and how proud you are of him. Be honest. Whatever YOU, personally, come up with, will be the greatest gift you can give him.

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Yea, thats what I thought you guys would say…

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What about possible birthday party ideas?!

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“You have my sympathy for being one year closer to death.”
“Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.”
“Congratulations, the good part of your life is over!”
“From now on, it is only decay for you, good luck!”

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“Happy birthday, Your Magnificence.”

Just kidding.

How about something about why this milestone that’s so important to him is also important to you because…. ?

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“Happy birthday! Here’s $100.”

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“Everything up until now was only the research and development phase. Now? This is your life: welcome to the field test.”

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Turning eighteen does not make you a chick magnet! :-/

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Song: It’s My Life by Bon Jovi

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You can say that it’s up to him what the rest of the movie will be – but of course put it into your our heartfelt words.

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What a lovely idea, but I think the words must come from your own heart.

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Happy 18Th Birthday

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you are so cute! anything you say will make him happy i’m sure… the video alone will speak volumes!!

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