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What is a decent but small external speaker I can buy for my laptop?

Asked by cazzie (24516points) May 2nd, 2010

I have a little cheapie Acer Aspire 5737Z and I like to listen to radio shows and music streams without headphones sometimes. Is there a decent quality speaker (or set) I can buy to plug in that anyone can recommend? This built in speaker is almost criminally bad.

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personally I like the Sony SRS D211 2.1-CH PC multimedia speakers, however you can spend a bit more and get the next type up as apparently they are even better. the cheaper ones cost around £30 to £40 and the more expensive aroung £55 however I have no idea about the US or any other countires market.

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OK.. yeah… do those need a power supply too? I was thinking more along the lines of this type of set up…

but don’t know if they’ll sound any better than what I’ve got.

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Go with Altec Lansing, I’ve never had any problems with mine

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