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What was it that made you and your girlfriend/ boyfriend get together?

Asked by cornbird (1750points) May 2nd, 2010

For all you couples out there, how did you and your partner get together in the relationship? What did he/she say or did to make you get into that relationship? What kindled the spark?

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I met my boyfriend at work, when I started a new job. I wanted him the minute I saw him. We flirted with each other, I never imagined we would get together. I knew we would have a sexual relationship, but never knew we would be ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’. He said he never wanted anything serious, just something casual. Then one day he text me to say that we have more than that and what we have is special. I knew then, that we were a couple. That was nearly 3 years ago. Great question.

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I always felt comfortable around him. I didn’t know it’d develop into what it did, but I knew we’d be good friends at least. He pursued me and I think thats when the “spark” developed, because he was quite adamant and determined to be with me haha.

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@casheroo I think for a guy it is very difficult to be persistently chasing after a girl because it leaves room for alot of heartache…well at least for me. I mean what if I persistently chase after her and she takes advantage of the situation, or she labels you as a stalker or something. That guy really loves you to have done that…..for real..

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I met my girlfriend at uni through a mutual friend. She looked over at me and said hi; my mouth returned the greeting, but my brain was screaming “wow”. We started looking for excuses to hang out with each other, sometimes staying back long after classes to have the opportunity to talk. One day our group of friends went out for coffee, but only she and I and our mutual friend could make it. She and I stayed back after our friend had to leave, and chatted for a good while longer. That night after we went home, we sat up and talked until the early hours of the morning. Three days later she came over to my house, and we knew we were together – I didn’t ask her out, we just knew it.

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A freind of mine fixed me up. He thought we were equally crazy.
I got in her car the first day we met and saw that, like me, she kept change in her ashtray. That meant: Non smoker, plans ahead, trusting, finances not a problem, practical, does not permit smoking in her car. Perfect.
We married a year later.

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i dont have a bf:)

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@Thesexier Do you keep change in your ashtray? My son doesn’t have a gf.

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We worked in the same company, and one day he saw me out shopping and offered to carry the bags for me. The rest is history.

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Her sense of humor especially when she mentioned how she could beat me at thumb wrestling! Love at first pin! ;)

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We met on a q and a site like this one and were both married at the time. I thought his comments were pretty funny, we talked through PMs and then we spoke on gchat. When we spoke on gchat, I knew something incredible was happening but it seemed too unlikely to happen. His intelligence and humor inspired me, intrigued me and I wanted more. Eventually I went to meet him when he was on a business trip and we were quite in love by then – the 4 days together solidified everything. He divorced his partner after and came here to live with me. I divorced my husband and started my family with my now husband.

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@cornbird There is a difference between a stalker and a guy being persistent. I’ve had both. The stalker ultimately had the cops called on him, the persistent guy is my husband.

I met my hubby at work. He asked me out a few times and I turned him down. I was in a bad place when it came to those kinds of relationships and had stopped dating. Then we talked for a good long time at an after work party and I realized that he was kind and funny. I agreed to a date and the rest is history.

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My current boyfriend and I do not have a glamorous story…but here goes:

I went to a small gathering at an on-campus apartment, they were some of my roommate’s friends. I remember first walking into the bedroom where he was; he was standing up, and I had to crane my neck to see his head (he’s 6’6’’) and I remember thinking “Damn, he’s really tall…. and really cute.” About 8 of us started playing Kings in the bedroom, and he seemed very funny. After the game, I was pretty drunk, and I overheard him and a couple of the guys talking about going to smoke (weed). I’m not an avid pot-smoker, but I hadn’t smoked all year at this point so I jumped into the conversation. We exchanged numbers on the pretense of smoking together sometime. We started small-talking; him and the guys were going out for a cigarette and he invited me to come. He slyly took my hand as we walked down the hallway. When we got back upstairs, just the 2 of us were talking and holding hands on the bed and we realized we were both Internet-nerds, which I was pleased about. We eventually had to part ways but texted each other ever since. We kept up texting for days, and I enjoyed his wit/humor a lot. I invited him over a few times to watch Arrested Development and after a bunch of casual hang-outs, he asked me out on a date. (Which was very cute in itself… he woke up early to bring me fruit before my 8AM class, and said, “Well, you can’t just have this for nothing, I need something in return….you have to come out with me on Friday.”)

After our date, he came back to my dorm and we kissed for the first time, he slept over, and we’ve been inseparable ever since :D Talking to him at the party was a lucky gamble, because we’re quite compatible.

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I knew who my bf was through work, always had an attraction but never did much with it until almost a year went by and I pretty much asked him to ask me out which he did. I knew I wanted him to ask me out after talking to him on a few occasions about what things are important to him, lifestyle and how he viewes relationships. We share similar values, wants and drive to act and get the things we want. We both take pleasure in helping others, pleasing and easing each other. The spark for me is I see living and building a life with him for the long haul.

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my boyfriend and i met at a bar, it was a very drunk one night stand turned almost 3 months now… but the day we became an actual couple is a good story. we had been partying hard all night and he finally passed out around 7am. our mutual friend and i were sitting in bed (while he was snoring very loudly) talking about him and i realized how much i really care about him. as soon as she left, i tried to wake up him and kept saying “i want to be your girlfriend” (we had been hooking up for about 2 weeks at the time). he wouldn’t wake up so i eventually got a glass of water and poured it over his face. i have never seen him so happy and excited. after this, we spent the day having breakfast, walking up to the warf, here in SF, and rented bikes to bike across the golden gate bridge. it was a wonderful day.

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a gut feeling.

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I’ve known both of my girlfriends since 9th grade. I think I’ve always felt attracted to them, but it didn’t really hit me until about 6 months ago. Then, I was too afraid of ruining our friendship to ask them out.

About 2 months ago, I had a nervous breakdown while on the phone with my Wolf. She asked me what was wrong, & threatened to thwack me if I didn’t tell her. So I told her that I “liked her as more than a friend”. She said okay, & we continued talking about UFOs.

The next day, I asked her out. She had never been in a relationship, so it’s still a bit awkward, but she’s gotten used to my random groping. We told my Kitten about us, & how we like her, too. Now, I’m in a psyco furry-fetish relationship with 2 inexperienced gamers, & they’re constantly molested by a hyperactive runt.

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