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In Britain, what does a "hung Parliament" mean?

Asked by janbb (54127points) May 2nd, 2010

I’m hearing this prediction a lot in terms of the upcoming election. I’m assuming it means that the results may be so split in the election that no party will have a clear enough majority to form a government. Is that so? And if that happens, what happens? Does one party have to form a coalition with another to form a government as in Israel?

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Did you mean “well hung”?

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@Scooby Perfect – just the info I was seeking.

@chyna Ha! If only.

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You know, the British Parliament is pretty well hung: check out the size of their tower.

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Well ! I wish I could have put it into words but there you go!! :-/

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According to news reports today, David Cameron is going to challenge convention if there is a Hung Parliament.
The convention at the moment is that if Labour had the least amount of votes they could still form a govt despite coming third, and its this absurdity that Cameron will be challenging.
Interesting times ahead in the next few days

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@chyna – if that were MY answer, it would’ve been removed by the mods!

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