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What has blown your mind?

Asked by roundsquare (5517points) May 2nd, 2010

Lets hear about those life changing moments in life where you
a) Drastically changed your views on something
b) Suddenly understood something
c) Changed the way you think about something

I’m looking for ah-ha moments here. Could be about anything, academic, about life, about people, about yourself, anything.

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I realized that most university professors do not know much more than anyone else… and that degree granting institutions are mostly Diploma mills in disguise…exept They take more money and most of the time never pass many people.

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Simply adjusting your mind to appreciate all the little things in life that make up life in general has made all the difference in my life as of late. Foggy sunrises, starry nights, the smell of perfume on the back of her neck, the flavor of a good slice of chocolate cake, the chirp of a bird you have not seen for a good while, and the cool wetness of a spring rain…most of all the words of appreciation from and for the one you love. ;)

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Every time I look at pictures like this. It makes me realize how small I truly am. I am just a tiny speck on this earth, and all of earth is nothing in comparison the sun which in turn is nothing compared to other stars and so on…..

What really split my mind wide open though, was the first time I took DMT.

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It kinda blew my mind when one day I realized I have never step foot in an airport. Similarly, it shocks me that I have never been to a concert.

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Seeing Gwar live was probably the best concert I’ve ever been to.

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that the word ‘bed’ looks like a bed.

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Finding out that wheel on the back of jeeps is actually a spare wheel and not just there for show.

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@opalea What a cool observation ;)

Cancer. If I thought my world was turned on its head when I got diagnosed, I really got a good metaphorical kick in the ass as far as real priorities when my husband got diagnosed. I now see the world through different, better, more wise and appreciative, eyes.

(btw, We’re both cancer free and cured. ;)

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@J0E you’re not missing much. ;)

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The deaths of friends and family.

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Recently a number of things happened in my world that helped me to finally understand that there are some people in my life who will never be capable of giving me love, and that’s ok, because the ones who really matter (the ones I respect) do return my love. Therefore, I can let the others go, and no longer yearn for something that’s impossible to obtain.

To distill the lesson, I don’t have to be loved by everyone, simply because I loved them first. I can love and not be loved in return, and it only reflects on their lack of ability to love, not on my loveability.

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Without the “magic” of quantum tunneling our sun wouldn’t shine. Protons disappear and magically pass through the barrier of another proton reappearing on the other side close enough for nuclear fusion to occur. It’s like you entering your house through your front door without opening it.

Blows your mind, doesn’t it?

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Aqua Teen Hunger Force after a few bong rips.

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The birth of my daughter. Nothing was the same after that.

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