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Is this prejudice or something else? What should the mother do about it, if anything? Read Details?

Asked by Rangie (3661points) May 2nd, 2010

In this particular school district, children are permitted to go out for school sports and cheer leading, etc., when they are in the 4th grade.
This little girl, we will call her Peggy, is in the 3rd grade right now, and now is the time the children have try outs for next year. Peggy will be in the 4th grade, so she qualifies to go out for cheer.
A couple of teachers at this particular school have girls in the 2nd grade right now, so will not qualify for next year. However, the school has made an exception and is allowed the 2 girls to try out.
Peggy and 3 of her friends, all of which qualify, went to the tryouts. The two, 2nd grade girls made the team, Peggy and her 3 friends did not.
There is one disturbing issue here, or is it just a coincident? The 2nd grade girls are white and Peggy and her 3 friends are black. However, there is one black girl on the team. hum!

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