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What does "non je ne regrete rien" mean in english?

Asked by helloLee (15points) May 2nd, 2010

Thats it. thanxx.

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No, I’m not sorry about anything.

Probably said with a harumph.

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No, I regret nothing.

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Is that a double negative?

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nope. i think its just a missing coma.

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how would you write “me neither”, then?

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@jaytkay Nah it’s not, there should be a full stop/ semi comma/comma in between.

No. I regret nothing.

It is like a reply where the two clauses mean the same thing.

@HelloLee you can write “aussi” at the end of the sentence which means “as well”. I am not sure if that gets the same message across in French though. Depends what it is in response to I guess. Such as if you are agreeing to what somebody before you just said I think it would be fine.

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re: how would you write “me neither”
Moi non plus

re: double negative
Why not simply “Je regret rien”?

It’ been a LONG time since I had a French class

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Well, “je ne regrette rien does have two negations, but the meaning is not a double negative. It’s called negative concord. The two negatives form one negative meaning together.
I think the jury’s still out on the precise syntactic reasons why. Probably something to do with multiple copies of the same negative.

Informally you can leave out “ne” and it will mean the same thing, if I’m not mistaken. “Je regrette rien.”
Funny, in English it’s double negatives that are only used informally.

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I do not regret nothing.
I think its a double negative

all I heard of it was that Specsavers ad

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In English, coma is very different from comma.) ZZZZ vs. ,,,,.

The French use that “ne” for most negation.

ne…aucun(e) not any, none, no
ne…jamais never
ne…ni…ni neither…nor
ne…pas du tout not at all
ne…pas encore not yet
ne…personne nobody
ne…plus no longer
ne…guère hardly
ne…que only
ne…rien nothing

@helloLee : Moi non plus. (Officially meaning me either).

And here is the inimitable Piaf singing live in concert.

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@jaytkay It is a double negative, in the sense that there are two words indicating negation: ne and rien. This is normal French. Double negatives used to be used for emphasis in English until Shakespeare’s time. They are still used in some kinds of English today, eg “I don’t regret nothing.”

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It can be translated as either; I regret nothing or I don’t regret anything.

French is regrette.

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It could be sorry too, couldn’t it? I often here people saying “I’m sorry” as “Je regrette”.

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Oui, but without the “ne….....rien.”

Another nice one is “Je suis désolée (Second “e” is because I am female.

Or simply, “Desolé (e).

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It means, I regret nothing.

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^^ Read most of the earlier answers, please.

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So why repeat what’s been said six times?

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Because I was answering the question, sorry, didn’t realise only one person can give the correct answer.

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No right or wrong here, but no point in saying what’s been already said. We try, for the most part, to bring up new info.

Too hot to type more, in any case.

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@gailcalled My apologies, I will have to try to answer questions before anyone else does then.

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@Sophief: That’s the ticket. Type fast and first. :-)

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I agree, redundancy is bad. Let’s try posting mostly useful things, ‘kay?
If you agree with someone else’s answer, you can back up what they said.

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Ok, like this? Hey everyone, you are all so right, the answer is I regret nothing, well done all.

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I detect sarcasm.
But yes, that would be an improvement.

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@Fyrius Only slighty, not meaning anything towards yourself.

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@Sophief: You’re being silly, and I bet you get the point. (Be careful; we may start to discuss punctuation, and it is clearly too hot and not at the top of anyone’s list.)

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I envy @gailcalled. It’s still cold and rainy here.

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@Fyrius: Don’t. I picked off my first tick larva (this big; . ) and got four bites from black flies.

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Okay, never mind what I just said.

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J’regrette rien pentoute gang de caves!

Sorry, couldn’t resist. :D

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@Sophief Ok, like this? Hey everyone, you are all so right, the answer is I regret nothing, well done all.

I lol’d

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Okay since it has been answered so correctly then I add simply that Edith Piaf has put so so beautifully!

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Aww, someones been listening to some great music :)

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See my link to Piaf singing “Je ne regrette rien” above. (Answer # 11).

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In that case, I want to interject that there are not many sounds in this world that are more horrid than the sound of Édith Piaf.

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It means “No, I regret nothing.”

Et non, je ne regrette pas que je suis redondant ici.” =D

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