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Are there any books like the TV show FlashForward?

Asked by shimizu1006 (42points) May 2nd, 2010

Not the same storyline or anything, but I love this show and the way it fits together like a puzzle. Are there any good books of the same genre, and just as captivating? I need a good read.

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Well, the TV show Flashforward is based on a book. You might try giving it a read.

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The TV show is only very loosely based on the book. Pretty much the only similarity is the whole world blacks out and sees the future. The characters, the setting, the focus, the time frame of the flash forwards are all different. I liked it, but I wouldn’t actually recommend it to people just because they like the show, unless I really know them.

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The book Flashforward was written by Robert J. Sawyer. He’s an excellent author, and I highly recommend him.

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Wow I didn’t actually know it was based off the book! I will definitely read it now. Are there any other books (by Sawyer or anyone else) that you recommend as well? I just started reading scifi books and I’m hooked!

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Try reading some Ray Bradbury (A Sound of Thunder, The Martian Chronicles, etc).
That is sci-fi at it’s best. Complex and yet always beautifully written.

But if you like FlashForward you’d probably really enjoy anything by Michael Crichton.

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Why thank you! I’ve read Bradbury a while ago, but I will definitely pick up some of his other stuff. (off to amazon Michael Crichton!)

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