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Why my headphone is not working through my iPhone?

Asked by Sisa (171points) March 12th, 2008 from iPhone

Any suggestion to make it work?

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That happened to my roomate. He just droped it and they started working again. The bad news is, since he droped it, it doesnt vibrate anymore. Also, you can only use iPhone headphones.

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Not working how ? Need to know a little more information. B4 helping u out… Let me know I can try to help u . I had a problem where someone didn’t hear me n it was cuz I had myself on mute till I figured it out.

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It’s not plugged in all the way.

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ok. Um I plugged all the way and the headphone still mute. I blew in but still didnt work u know you trying to keep it clean unside. I dont know if its working or not. One of my sister’s headphone works after she blew in, but mine doesnt work still probably. Hm…

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The headphones may not be connecting correctly because of a defect. Have they worked before, and now they just done work? I would try connecting them to someone elses iPhone to eliminate the headphones as the source of the issue.

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I’m curious to find out the solution

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I haven’t use headphones since I got my iPhone. So ugh. Still not working.

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Try to switch it to a. Airplane mode

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actually my sister did it, she put new ones instead of old ones I got from somewhere in my room that didn’t work. So yay nothing wrong with my iPhone. lol.

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yay! Good job

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