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What is a cute game, that has graphics no more intensive than Ragnarok Online (my video card can't handle much more)

Asked by Jerikao (286points) May 2nd, 2010

I am looking for a new MMO. Preferably an MMORPG.

The problem is, a majority of the newer MMOs have all transitioned to 3-d rendering and my poor little laptop can’t handle that. I have a 1.80 GHz AMD Turion processor with 1GB of RAM and an integrated SiS M760GX graphics chip. Really, this laptop is not any sort of performance king.

It gets the job done, but that’s about it. If I have the volume on when I put it in standby, my speakers crackle and skip trying to play the sound while fading the screen.

Anyways, so as stated… Hunting a new MMO, preferably an MMORPG. It’ll have to be something with low graphics requirements. I’d rather not play Maple Story again, as the leveling system on that game is ridiculous >:|... But if it comes down to it and I have no choice, I guess Nexon will own my soul for a while… Or Gravity (RO)... Really depends.

Thanks ahead of time! If you do know of a game that utilizes similar graphics styles to RO, that would be wonderful. There is definitely something about the 2-d image based motion in a 3-d environment that made me really happy.

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Two games come to mind, although not really MMO. Mybrute & dinorpg. Nothing too special, but they dwindle the time away when you are bored & have a few minutes to spare.

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I will look into those. I definitely have a preference for MMO style games, though, as I typically enjoy dragging my friends into it so we can play together. : )

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Unfortunately, all MMORPGs that I know of are out of reach for you. That’s the problem with PC gaming—the best and latest games all require a bleeding edge PC which will become obsolete in a couple of years and STILL lock you out of the latest games.

But if it doesn’t have to be online, then that opens up your options considerably. For example, Oblivion is one of the best RPGs available, and my graphics-challenged laptop can play it just fine (I just use software rendering instead of the hardware rendering). Better yet, get an Xbox or Xbox 360. Even the older Xbox system has fantasic RPGs (like Morrowind) with a huge world to explore, secrets to find, quests to undertake, mysteries to resolve, and near-photorealistic gameplay.

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Le sigh. This does seem to be the problem I am running into. Again, I really would prefer that it be MMO in nature and free where applicable.

I do have an original xbox (first generation [Runs like crap, but runs nonetheless!]). But I really don’t have the cash or desire to buy a new system. Sometime next year I may invest in a decent desktop machine. However, to be completely honest… Even if my hardware weren’t so limiting, I would probably not be especially interested in most new MMOs. I tend to not care for the 3-D rendering they use. It gets hard to look at after a while.

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There is a game called Flyff I think, should not require that much!

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There are no free MMOs, at least none that are any good. Sure, you can invest in a “decent” PC, but you’re going to be in the same predicament again in a year or two after you get it—even if you get a bleeding edge PC, you’ll only be pushing out the inevitable by a couple more years. A better question to ask is: are there any MMORPGs that can be played on an Xbox through Xbox live? I haven’t heard of any, but there may be. And I’d be surprised if there aren’t any in development. Though you’ll probably have to spring for a 360. Come to think of it, I think I shall ask that…

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@OliverYoung: Unfortunately, even Fly For Fun is a bit intensive for my laptop. Not to mention it’s done in a 3-d style that I don’t particularly care for… And it gets boring pretty quick. Thanks for trying, though! :3

@HungryGuy: Keep in mind, your definition of a “good” game may not coincide with mine in any way. I happen to really enjoy Ragnarok Online, for instance.

And again, I don’t have an xBox 360. I have an original and can’t afford to spring for a 360, not to mention things that require monthly payments (xBox Live) which defeats the purpose of looking for a free MMO. To my knowledge the xBox never had an MMO style RPG on it. Though it did have plenty of great RPGs.

Mostly when I was posting this, I was trying to determine if there are any games that use a similar style to RO but may have different mechanics. To my knowledge, Ragnarok Online is the only MMO… Or RPG for that matter… That uses 2-d animation in a 3-d, real time environment. I really tend to enjoy RO, primarily because on a private server, I am able to contribute to the game content by creating sprites, etc.

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I see. I never played Ragnarok Online. Is it free? If so, maybe I’ll give it a try. Using 2D sprites instead of a fully-rendered 3D world does ease up on the graphics requirements.

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Maple Story.
Dragonica Online.

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@HungryGuy: Technically it’s not free, however private (pirate) servers are typically free and usually have a lot of custom items going on. However disclaimer: I neither support nor acknowledge and knowledge of the proprieters of these servers.

Anyways, I did end up finding an interesting game that uses 2-d images in a 3-d environment much like RO. It’s called Angels Online. <—- It is free. Yaay.

But if you are used to RPGs in the sense of say… Morrowind… These games (RO and AO) are probably not going to be your style.

@chels: Thanks for your suggestions. I used to play Maple.. But eventually got really tired of the grindfest that game becomes. Never tried Dragonica, though. I may have to look into it later if I get bored of Angels.

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@Jerikao – They’re not necessarily pirate servers. Many games (especially shooters like Quake, Unreal, etc.) can be started in server mode right out of the box, and the publisher fully intended people to run their own game servers.

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@Jerikao – I just explored the AO website. The game looks rather cartoonish for my tastes. WIth all the super-cute characters, pets, and little hearts everywhere, it looks like the players will be almost exclusively children and almost exclusively female. Something that is going to get Hungry Guy in deep doo-doo for joining even if my intent is just to play and interact in the game world…

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@HungryGuy: Ohnonono… They are indeed pirate servers. Gravity hosts its own servers and generally tries really hard to lockout private servers. Hosting the server is illegal. Playing on it is technically not… But there are definite copyright issues with hosting an RO server. Thus discussing a private server while playing on the legitimate RO servers is a pretty swift way to get your IP banned.

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@HungryGuy: Also, as far as AO… Like I said in the title of my question, I was looking for a cutesy game. xD

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@Jerikao – Okay. But if the server software is proprietary, I wonder how people managed to acquire copies to run their own servers.

And would they ban your IP merely for discussing the topic? That strikes me as rather draconian and totalitarian.

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