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How can I make a good homemade iced mocha?

Asked by ubersiren (15160points) May 2nd, 2010

I brew coffee, then what? I’d go to a coffee shop every day for one if I could afford it. Have you any iced mocha recipes that are tried and true? Other flavors or even just plain iced coffee recipes welcome.

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Brew a really strong coffee…then add about 3 table spoons of drinking chocolate powder. mix it until the chocolate is all dissolved. Put one and a half scoops of vanilla icecream, a few ice cubes, and about half a cup of milk in a blender along with your coffee/choc mixture. Blend it all up.

yummmmmmmmy yum yum.

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Mmm, that sounds good. Like a mocha smoothie.

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@ubersiren thats how they make them at a cafe I worked at…they were very popular too :)

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Here’s my two cents, although I think @ubersiren‘s version sounds good too.

I’d use espresso, not coffee. You can get a stovetop espresso maker like this one for not very much money (the cost of 5 or 6 coffee-shop mochas)

If you do use coffee, brew it strong and don’t use that much. You want coffee-flavored chocolate milk, not chocolate flavored coffee (at least, that’s what i’d want). I’d then add milk (whole milk, if you want it to taste decadent) and chocolate syrup, not powder, because the syrup will mix in better and have a stronger chocolate flavor. If you want it blended, blend with ice, otherwise add ice and drink cold! Yum!

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So, would Hershey’s chocolate syrup work for the chocolate flavor? I think I would actually like more coffee flavor than chocolate.

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oops, i meant @j0ey‘s version

that’s what i’d use, and just add as much or as little syrup as you want. I’d still want a high milk-to-coffee ratio, though.

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I use leftover coffee, Land O’Lakes nondairy creamer, and Swiss Miss cocoa mix. I pour the coffee into a Looza glass jar, add ⅓ the amount in creamer, a package or two of Swiss Miss, shake it up, and then pour it over ice.

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If you start with something strong like espresso or cold brew concentrate, the coffee won’t turn weak and watery once you add the other ingredients. I like to use espresso because it comes out of the machine really hot, and the heat helps dissolve the chocolate sauce so it blends into the milk really well.

The way I usually make it is:

Pour one to one and a half tablespoons of chocolate sauce into a cup or a pitcher.
Pull two shots of espresso and stir them into the chocolate sauce while they are still very hot.
Stir about a cup of cold milk into the espresso/ chocolate. Adding the milk before you add the ice means that the liquid cools down and doesn’t melt all your ice into the drink.
Now add the ice!

It’s so easy to find an affordable espresso machine. I got mine from Target. Just about any coffee shop will sell espresso beans and grind them for you to use in the machine. (You’ll want to get it finely ground.) When you get all this stuff home, it’s pretty easy to make espresso. The espresso machine has a handle with a space to hold the grounds. You fill it up with ground espresso, tamp the espresso down firmly, and then fit it into the machine. Then press a button to run hot water through the handle and into the cup.

To pour a really good shot, make sure that the espresso is ground finely and that you press it firmly into the handle. A really good shot will have a lovely toffee color when it is pouring out of the machine, and appear thick but viscous as it pours. When it’s in the cup it will have a fine layer of foam on top called crema. The shot tastes good for about 20 seconds after you pour it, and then the crema starts to go away and the shot will taste black and bitter. Adding milk to the espresso quickly after you make the shot stops this from happening.

The proportions of the recipe aren’t really that important. I like mine with more espresso and less milk. Enjoy!

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@Haleth Thank you! You’re the second one to suggest an espresso machine. I may have to ask for one for my birthday

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