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Is there any need to have norton and mcafee at the same time?

Asked by boots74 (72points) March 12th, 2008

If not, which one is better to have??

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If you want your computer to hate you, you will keep running Norton.

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I wouldn’t have either personally. They both are a pain in the ass and seem to restrict you a lot and get rather annoying. Id look into AVG thats what i use and I’ve never had any problems.

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I’m just waiting for the day when one of those programs realizes microsoft itself is one big virus and terminates it.

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Never run two Security Suites at the same time…
I am using Avast Anti-Virus, the free version
And Comodo Firewall…
Also free…
Not a BIG fan of the Security Suite…..
Free is Good!

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I took norton completely off my computer and downloaded the trial version of AVG.
So far no problems. Is this enough protection? or do I need more?
As you can tell, I donot know squat about this stuff…..
Thanks everyone!

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Really you shouldnt ever have any problems with virus’ as long as your smart about what you do on your computer. That means dont click pop-ups, go to shady sites, or download anything your not sure about. Limewire for example can be a great host of virus’ dont use it unless you know what you’re doing and scan files before unzipping them.

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thanks for the info on limewire, my son did download that onto my computer a few months ago (before I had to do system recovery), didn’t think it would ever be a problem. is there anywhere else my son can get music on his ipod without running into problems?

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I don’t see why you would have both. One or the other or something else.

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