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Men when your dating a girl and your attracted to her and like her what would you do if you found out she had terrible cellulite?

Asked by missjena (910points) May 2nd, 2010 from iPhone

I’m an attractive girl in her twenties with a cute shape, not skinny but not overweight just average. You enjoyed her company and was attracted to her until you saw her legs and noticed she has terrible cellulite. What would you do? Does it turn u off? Would you break it off?

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You mean you’re not an air brushed VS model?
Most guys over the age of 25 know that ideal is not real.

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if a guy you like would break it off because you have some cellulite is he really the type you want to be with? there is more to love than cellulite and if there isn’t it’s not worth much anyhow, is it?

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What is meant by “terrible cellulite.” Just how bad is this hypothetical terrible cellulite? I wasn’t really sure what cellulite was before reading this post, and a quick search shows that there is some statistic going around that 80–90% of females get cellulite, so it would be unfortunate if something that occurs so frequently breaks a relationship for anyone.

Considering that the hypothetical situation is that I’m attracted to this woman, I most definitely would not be turned off by cellulite, and definitely not break up with her. For me, my hypothetical girl has a beautiful face and a smile that lights up the room—cellulite isn’t an issue. But attraction means different things to different people, maybe someone who focuses on legs would be influenced by cellulite?

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My short answer:

Yeah, cellulite s*cks, but someone that judges you for it s*cks much worse.

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I know someone who let himself go and went from a moderate fitness level to being +50 lbs heavier and getting cellulite on his thighs. For me, it was a complete turn-off.

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And you are what? An Adonis? Do you have any physical flaws? Maybe when the girl sees you in shorts with no shirt she’ll take off. A lot of men have nasty feet. How are yours? Some things you just have to deal with because you like the rest of the package.

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Cellulite…. is that… like… a DISEASE???

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Just how terrible are we talking about here? You make it sound really, really bad. I’d say it’s no big deal.

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Im not talking about being 50lbs over weight im average with a nice shape and pretty face. I’m talking about being average witha lot of cellulite. Yes 90% of women have
it; however I have it real bad. It depresses
me because I can’t wear half the c lothes I want to wear and I’m extremely afraid to wear a bathing suit. I understand it’s not the sexieest thing but does t make you unsexy if you have it as bad as I do?

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@lilcoyote who are u talking to? I’m the girl with the problem not the guy complaining of his gf. Lol

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I think only women fret about cellulite. I’ve never heard another man even mention it. Doesn’t bother me at all. Have seen some pretty nice legs with what women call cellulite….:)

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I’m sure if you’ve got curb appeal, he won’t care about cellulite ;P.
Well, I mean that if he likes you to begin with, I doubt that a little thing like this will change that. Honestly, he probably won’t even notice. (Men don’t notice much hahaha)

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@missjena LOL.. I misread the question. Sorry. Revised answer. If it bothers you, that’s one thing, but any guy that would dump you because of your cellulite isn’t worth your time or energy.

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I don’t want to sound to much like a pig but you should relax. He is looking at your boobs.

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@worriedguy But, those have stretch marks hehe

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Relax. Any guy who will dump you because of your cellulite isn’t worth dating at all.

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Grammar is sexy and what’s really important. You’re = you are.


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Hate to be redundant but, any guy who would dump you for that is a garbage person. Honestly you can still look really good with it.

And there’s a high chance someone is gonna give me shit for this but, have you seen those nasty fat chicks who dress like they have hot bodies people want to see? The type you’re not supposed to say anything about but you know everyone’s thinking “oh, man, no! someone cover her up!” After seeing that, there’s NO WAY any decent guy will worry about cellulite.

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Your cellulite is not as bad as you think. A friend told me she had terrible cellulite, and I wanted to see it, and when she showed it to me, it was really not bad at all. We all pay so much attention to these little things that most people don’t care about at all. And these flaws are so exaggerated in our minds, and others are focused on their own flaws—which you probably don’t even notice. And, if you have something like cellulite that someone doesn’t like, he is probably not who are are looking for anyway.


If I truly liked her and was attracted to her, I wouldn’t really care.

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@Zen_Again Zing! I’d be all over a cute chick even if she had cellulite, but the your/ you are thing is a dealbreaker.

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I would think it would depend on three things.
1.Does he prefer missionary or doggy style, lights on lights off.
2.How bad is bad. I always thought girls exaggerated about their cellulite until one day I saw on a morning show this young girl complain about hers. When they showed her thighs they looked like they belonged on a 90 year old. But most aren’t that bad.
3. How much in love is he.

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Most women judge their “flaws” much too harshly. Real women have all kinds of features and some of them worry that their cellulite or bust size or buttocks size or shape is necessarily so unappealing that they must conceal themselves to avoid rejection or ridicule.

Very few women who are otherwise appealing to look at have “flaws” that would evoke much of a response at all from men who find them interesting and attractive.

Even women with shocking deformities can find men who will love them and see them as beautiful and appealing.

I suggest you learn to accept and love your body just as it is. When you do, your self-confidence will make you even more attractive to men. Women who put themselves down over real or perceived physical flaws are much less appealing to men.

My wife is well over 29. In fact, her daughters past 29 several years ago. She is older than me by five years and to me she is a beauty. She is self-conscious of the cellulite on her tummy. I just notice soft skin and how lovely she is to touch. There is nothing wrong with my vision! I choose to see her beauty instead of looking for her real or imagined flaws.

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. You will spend way more time clothed and out of the bedroom than naked in the bed, so if it us the personality of who she is then you work on ways to urge her on ways to improve that part. When you are boinking, candles, the subdued light is more sexier anyhow. If she is that important try doing some exercises with her that will tone her up.

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As opposed to good cellulite? Seriously, who cares?

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If everyone dumped their SO as soon as they discovered a physical imperfection, no one would ever get laid.

As a guy, I can honestly say I wouldn’t even notice 99% of the time. Let’s say for the sake of argument that you’re in the 1% who had it so bad I would notice. I can honestly say it wouldn’t bother me in the grand scheme of things.

As soon as a guy starts dating real women, he is bound to realize that those pictures in Playboy, the SI Swimsuit Issue, and hell, even the weekly Target flier don’t represent reality.

And I think a lot of women tend to judge themselves very harshly about physical attributes that quite frankly, guys don’t give two shits about. A lot of women want to be one of those lanky supermodels, or those pixie-ish women who look like little girls, while in real life most guys I know would prefer a little meat on the bones. Women see their ass in the mirror and wish they could make it smaller, while a guy sees it and thinks, “I’d hit that.” I’ve never yet met a woman who didn’t wish she could change something about herself that most guys wouldn’t even notice, and most who did wouldn’t care.

I would also say that both you and the hypothetical guy need to understand the difference between love and attraction. If a relationship is based only on attraction, AND a guy noticed your cellulite, AND was repulsed by it, then he might leave. But he’d have to be extremely shallow first of all, and second of all, it would have to mean that he neither loved nor cared about you. He lusted after you, period, you were a fantasy, and when that fantasy died, so did your relationship. If it’s more than a fantasy, if a guy TRULY enjoys your company because he likes you as a person, no single physical imperfection, particularly one that can only be seen in a very limited set of circumstances, is going to make him want to give that up.

Think about it…if every guy insisted on physical perfection from their mates, they’d have to be able to offer it up themselves, or be seen as hypocrites. Some guys are that shallow, but they’re jerks and you’re better off without them, because these are the same guys who might promise to love you till death do you part, but sees his attorney to draw up divorce papers at the first sign of crow’s feet. No one would ever be married for more than 10 years if guys were by and large willing to cut and run for something like cellulite.

My advice, if that’s the reason a guy breaks up with you, consider yourself LUCKY that you found out before you made a mistake. In some ways, you’re far luckier as someone who is physically attractive to have such a potential “deal-breaker” because you can use it as a tool to weed out the jerks from the nice guys (and in my experience there are more nice guys out there than jerks, it’s just that jerks tend to be braver about asking women out and thus most women encounter a few jerks before they find a nice guy).

In short, I doubt any guy worth dating would care 10% as much as you do. And what’s more, it’s really just a way to sell insecure women beauty products…the first printed mention of the word came in the late 1960s in Vogue magazine. Cellulite is just naturally occurring dimpling of the skin, it’s a less than smooth skin topography. I’d honestly be willing to wager that you’d be hard pressed to find a married guy who would count his wife’s cellulite among her top 10 physical imperfections, and most guys who would even dare say out loud that their wives were in any way imperfect would tell you that the things that make their wives less than “perfect” are often the things they actually like most about these women. Women get hung up on the belief that there’s some ideal of physical beauty they must ascribe to, but most guys find that lack of variety to be a turn-off….you’ve seen one skinny ass bleached blonde, you’ve seen ‘em all. Slight imperfections actually give people character. Extreme imperfections scare people. But I have a hard time even conceptualizing cellulite that could be bad enough to even come close to being described as an “extreme” imperfection by any reasonable person.

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@Haleth Meet me in the punctuation and grammar chatroom at 0600 hours for some sexy grammar-time. Bring your prepositions.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Liked your answer at least till you got to the word boinking. LOL
But you made a good and valid point.

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Thank you for the wonderful answers. Is everyone imagining very bad cellulite because it is. How do I overcome this and seriously wear dresses and bathing suits and not care? I don’t think I can ever get there.

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These are the steps I took to control my cellulite. I started to exercise and eat right. I would work out with rubbery spandex pants and drink plenty of water. I would massage my thighs twice a day and I also would wear shorts to let my skin breath. I think the more we cover up the less our skin gets to breath and properly repair itself. I also took vitamin E to help with my skin. After I gave birth to my daughter I had cellulite and vericose veins galore. By doing all of these things, I lowered my vericose veins by at least half and the cellulite by 80 percent. They didn’t get silky smooth as I would like but they improved enough where I could wear shorts again.

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Pandora- How bad was your cellulite though? Mine is all over my legs. They say excersize and diet doesn’t work but I can def look into what you did. How long did you massage your legs for? When did you startseeing your results?

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