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Have you stopped to smell a lilac today?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36630points) May 3rd, 2010

Life sometimes gives us so much crap, do you ever remember to stop and enjoy the simple joys? The smell of the first lilac of the season, a child’s laughter. What puts a smile on your face and makes you glad to be alive? I went back to the lilac three times today.

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I live in Florida. I don’t think lilacs are native. I did stop to smell the remnants of a bonfire in my backyard, and the bottom of a bottle of Newcastle. ^_^

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My boyfriend cut the lawn and that smells great! It’s also a Bank Holiday today and my boyfriend is home and that puts a smile on my face.

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I try to make a list of all the simple joys every day. Usually it’s just in my head, but it helps me remember how blessed I really am. I can’t wait until my dad cuts the lawn for the first time because I absolutely love the smell of freshly cut grass. And then there’s the first time the wedding party for my brother’s double wedding is going to get together…I haven’t seen most of these people in a long time.

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No but I did kiss my wife’s tulips this morning.

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As far as lilacs go: One of my Mom’s favorites.

We have a lilac bush in our backyard. The smell takes me back to a happier time, makes me a bit sad, and also, gives me a bit of comfort at the same time.

Taking time to notice the little things? I am. More and more all of the time…

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I have not smelled any lilacs today, but this thread really makes me want to.

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Every day, I’m a firm believer that life is better when we stop and take the time to appreciate the little things.

So far this morning, the smell of fresh rain, eating breakfast, washing the dishes, catching up on the news, and watching my cat stalk a squirrel through a sliding glass door. She was so intent on said squirrel that when she backed up she bumped into a watering can and jumped about three feet in the air.

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I have a couple of huge lilacs along my back fence that you can smell even from inside the house this time of year…they are my favorite and do give you pause when something so fresh and pretty lets you know there are so many other things in life that are out there to enjoy if you just look up and notice them! ;)

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Oh, I LOVE lilacs. Reminds me of my childhood. And yes, I do try to appreciate the little things in life. The squirrels that are in our feeder all the time…the yellow finches that’s on their feeder, my sedums that are up…little things that make a difference.

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Spring is just starting here and my lilac bush is just budding. For sure I’ll smell it daily when it blooms.

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I did exactly that today on my walk.
Honeysuckle will be blooming pretty soon too :)

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I have a cold, so I can’t smell anything.

BUT, I did pet my dog this morning.

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I can smell them in their vase on my dining room table. The other astonishingly aromatic bush is the flowering viburnum carlesii. It perfumes the air with cinnamon and vanilla.

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I cut some lilacs from the bush in our yard and filled a vase. The vase is on the kitchen table, so I get to smell them whenever I walk by. It’s one of my favorite scents!

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Not yet. I’m going to take a walk and smell the gardenia and jasmine in about an hour. ;)
(My favorite part of the day)

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@MrsDufresne I was thinking, isn’t it amazing what somethings smell like, and then I remembered driving by the farmer with his manure spreader.

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@Adirondackwannabe: In the cosmic code, the manure and the lilac tree are close relatives.

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@gailcalled How so? Put the manure around the lilac to make it grow better?

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Exactly; dried manure is magnificent fertilizer. Why do you think the farmer was spreading it?.

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Still used before the soil is tilled and the crops are planted. Remember the old trick of digging a hole, dropping a dead fish into and then planting one’s cord seed or potato eyes?

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It’s good stuff for the plants, but when it’s 87 degrees outside, it kind of added to it’s allure.

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(shrieks again… It’s = it is.) And it does have a pungent odor that I don’t find objectionable.

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Ugh, goddamn spring flowers. They look pretty, but if I smell them, I get badass reactions to the pollen inside. My face goes all red, my eyes get all teary and itchy, my throat and my ears hurt for like hours…ugh.

I’ll settle for my morning smoke and coffee haha.

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@Adirondackwannabe Yep, that’s amazing smelling too. Amazingly awful. lol. Driving through California, you get at least 3 or 4 of those times when you need to roll up the windows and blast the AC.


Yes! I started a flower garden this year, and my children helped me buy three lilac bushes from a nursery, one with bluish flowers, and the other two with deep purple blooms. We planted them around the yard, and though they’re still small, the few flowers on them smell terrific. I can’t wait until they’re a little bigger and have more flowers, so we can cut some and bring them into the house. Lilacs are one of the reasons why May is my favorite month of the year. ;)

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I love to stop and smell the roses! It’s a bit disappointing when they have no scent, but when they do . . . .bliss! It takes me back to when I was a child and my grandparents had roses in their garden which all smelled lovely.
Another smell I love is if I run my hand up the stems of a Rosemary bush, that smells really comforting in a strange way.

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