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What is the best way to attach my old sliver of soap to the new bar?

Asked by ben (8568points) February 10th, 2007
I don't have a microwave. But I'm wondering if there's a secret out there...
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In the shower, with both soaps wet, glue them together, watch them stick!
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love that economy!
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Ben you're a genius!
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You can also get a loofah-scrubby thing & put the soap sliver in there. Shave the soaps down and melt in a mold, in your microwave, to create a bath-sized bar. Add soap fragrances (such as lavender)and a bit of oatmeal for mild sloughing qualities. Use yourself or give away as gifts for the holidays. Shave down and add glycerin. Melt in the microwave and keep in a jar for a homemade liquid hand soap. Place opened soap in an old sock, and hang it in the shower. it makes a wonderful body scrubby that lathers effortlessly. Keep adding used soap slivers at will. In a recycled container, save all the tiny pieces of bar soap that are too small for use. When you have several cups worth of the pieces, chop them up in a blender on low speed. Add a bit of water until it attains a pudding-like texture. Place in a recycled plastic container and use it to wash hands. Be sure to keep the lid on the container or the soap pudding will dry out.

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Consider using liquid soap, and you won’t have to worry about the stray hairs that attach themselves to bar soap

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i love liquid soap, but have recently switched back to bars. couldn’t have all that plastic bottle waste on my conscience, even if they were recycled!

lilakess’s solutions is by far the easiest way to combine soaps. just be aware that not all scents marry well together!

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Kind of like ceramics…get both pieces wet and rough up each surface a bit if possible.

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I suppose nails would be a bad idea?

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