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How can I find her?

Asked by eyeofnyc (270points) March 12th, 2008 from iPhone

I was on the 96th street subway platform in NYC today at about 3 pm, heading home. The platform was crowded with children either getting off from school, or being escorted by an afterschool program. The platform was, quite literally, abuzz. When the train arrived, it was already so packed, but this one woman…beautiful with fiery red hair and an ivory white coat, managed to squeeze about 30 more kids, and herself onto the train like so many sardines in a can. After she did so she turned and looked at me, all I could do was applaud. She smiled, and it felt like the sun on my face. Now, I’m so pissed that I didn’t squeeze in right next to her, and I’m determined to find her. Does anyone have advice as to how I can go about doing this? (I apologize for my verbosity, and thank those of you that made it through this novella)

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Craigslist missed encounters?

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frequent the spot you first saw her, at 96th. Never know, she might show up looking for you too.

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Was she a teacher? Perhaps you can nose around area schools/Web sites.

2nd on missed encounters. Try other pubs, too.

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Have you heard about Patrick Moberg? An NYC-er as well, he launched a complete web campaign to try to find the girl of his dreams from the subway. It got so much media attention that he ended up finding her!

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you sure she didnt have a wedding ring?

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change your name to stalker and start screaming for her at 96th in your drawers. Things happen, she could be a guy. Maybe your lucky

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I agree, the “Missed Encounters” section on craigslist is probably your best bet. There is also a page on the back of the Village Voice where you can post short ads and people often post things like this…when I lived in NYC I read that all the time. Or, if you want to go really Amelie-style, you could post signs on the walls in the 96th street subway station. It’s a little stalker-esque, but it’s also romantic and I think any woman would find it flattering. Especially if you say that you were the guy who applauded—hopefully she will remember the glance that you two traded, and be intrigued as well.

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I live in AR, and we don’t have a subway, and I’ve also never been to NY/ NYC – but maybe you could try leaving flyers with your fluther name and the web address….?
or maybe she will re- appear just as effortlessly as she appeared….oh yeah- and some people are good with faces. Put your picture on the flyer too. Chances are, she may recognize your pic. Maybe she’s looking for you too.

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I meant dissapear- typo

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Okay, dopelope’s answer was just absolutely effin hilarious. I’m having a hard time typing because I keep laughing every time I get a visual.

My husband is hand’s down the best stalker I know. He’d be a great source for advice on this subject.I don’t know how the hell he does it, but the way he tracks down people with little to no info so quickly is kind of scary. Hot, but scary. lol

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did you ever find her?

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