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When is the iPhone app store coming out?

Asked by fortris (680points) March 12th, 2008

And I mean DATE, not “the next firmware update”

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maybe….... I belive it when I see it

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They have announced it. Seriously, look a

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They’ve announced it. Believe them, or don’t. Only Steve Jobs and senior Apple managers know for sure.

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Well, they have the sdk out, so all your realy need is a file from a devloper to put on your phone.

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The App Store will be released alongside the iPhone OS 2.0, as stated by Steve Jobs during the March 6th event ( This is scheduled to take place in July this year.

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It’s here! I assume this is an old question. :)

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@MarkAddison Yep, asked March 12th, 2008. ;)

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