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What can you do with a degree in Animation?

Asked by Bastion (102points) May 3rd, 2010

Aside from working at an animation studio, what other professions can a dregree in Animation lead to? Illustrator, Concept artist? Is it a viable degree to get or will I end up penniless on the street?

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A degree in Animation can lead to a career with motion picture companies, advertising companies, multi-media developers, digital gaming development, teaching. There’s lots of opportunities out there.

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Animators have the scope to be the most successful and creative film directors imaginable, because the actors will do exactly what the director wants. That’s the ultimate power for a storyteller — that’s what an art degree with emphasis in animation can lead to. If you’re considering animation mostly as a means to make a buck, perhaps a different field of study would be more suitable.

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First, you need experience. is there anyone in the business you know? if so, contact them and ask if they will check around for you. good animators are hard to find. if you have that special talent, it will soon will be recognized and your future is pure destiny. i guess the highlight goal of any animator is Disney. think high, focus high and go for it.

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@john65pennington – “I want to say one word to you. Just one word.” “Yes, sir.” “Are you listening?” “Yes, I am”.Pixar.”


@Bastion, there are many, many companies that hire animators, especially those skilled in the various types of software now available. And, of course, you could always set up your own shop in an industry that you feel might have a need for animated projects.

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@Bastion It’s also a very busy market, akin to the acting market in LA. Make sure you have a backup plan.

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My former neighbor had a degree in animation. She works mostly as an animation director but she also takes jobs as a sheet timer and assistant director. She lives in the LA area and though she makes a good living when the work is there. She has been in the industry for 20 years and been nominated for a couple of Emmy awards but there are still several cycles of unemployment throughout the year.

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I see! I was personally going to aim for the industry in Portland, Oregon. It seems like even if I don’t get a job in the field i’ll at least be able to get an art-related job there. As opposed to california.

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Pixar’s hiring in Vancouver.

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Make sure you have a spectacular portfolio available for viewing online. Sign-up with some agencies that sub-contract piece-work to freelancers and moonlighters. Just be careful about crossing lines if you are fully employed by an outfit. When you have agents, it doesn’t matter where your studio is located as long as you have highspeed internet connection.

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