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What would be a musical instrument that you currently can't play that you would love to be able to & do you think it would be harder or easier than it looks?

Asked by ucme (46838points) May 3rd, 2010

I’ve never really been musically gifted, but sometimes I would kind of like to be.For me it would be between either drums or the piano, no idea why just fancy the idea that’s all.How about you? Yes i’m talking to you.

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Guitar has always appealed to me, but I have never tried any string instrument so I have no idea how I would fair.

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I play drums & piano, but I have always wanted to play violin. It looks easy to me, but I get the feeling, once it’s in my hands, it will feel impossible to play.

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A violin. They’re so beautiful.

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I want to play the oboe. I have a shawm and it is pretty hard to get a sound out of a double reed for me. But I’m sure that, with a few lessons, I could start playing.

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The harp.

or drums

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I really, really want to learn to play the violin. I always have.

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I have always thought I would like to play a harp. I have had an opportunity to mess around, both with concert and folk harps, It would be a challenge to play the concert harp, but the difficult part for me would be the pedaling involved.

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I’ve always wanted to be able to play a Saxophone because I think it is one of the best sounding instruments there is and I think it would be as hard to play as it looks.

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I have my mother’s piano in my living room.I would love to play this on that
I did just buy a harmonica and have been torturing ears with my talent ;)

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I’ve tried several times to no avail.
I can play the piano though!

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I play piano, but would love to learn the harp. I think it might be difficult building up calluses on my fingertips.

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Xylophone/Vibraphone. I’ll bet it’s harder than it looks.

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Yay lets form a fluther band. We could play at social gatherings, I as band leader & agent of course. Hmmm i’m wondering what the band’s name would be…... drifts off in an imaginative state…..

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All of the stringed instruments, except the guitar, ukulele and possibly the mandolin, have to be tuned accurately. You’ll need a very good sense of at least relative pitch.

If you choose the piano, the piano tuner does the tuning.

Edit: I meant to say that the guitar and the ukulele have the frets in place. The other strings are fretless. (Harp has 47 strings that need to be tuned before each session.)

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@ucme The Flutherites?

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I’d really like to know what it’s like to play the harp, to be honest. Not that the harp is very practical, but it still would be interesting. I love the sound of a harp.

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@jbfletcherfan Possibly, has potential.

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I’ve always always ALWAYS wished I could play piano, such a beautiful instrument to listen to, but musically I’m a dud unfortunately. I would imagine that its far far more difficult than it looks though, <sighs> maybe in my next life eh?
huggles xx

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I usually say the harp, but most recently I’ve been coveting this nifty crystal flute.

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The sax. It sounds so very sexy. I play the violin, guitar and piano (occasionally the drums, but not as well as the others). The sax has always appealed to me but I’m afraid I wouldn’t have the energy to play it well.

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I play the flute and have done for many many years…(bit rusty these days…). but I just ended up with a violin at my disposal an I would LOVE to learn how to play it.

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Is the band being formed by people playing instruments they don’t know how to play???

Ok. I’m a fan of new music, but I’m afraid this is going a bit too far. Let me know when the concert is. I’ll arrange to be in Tibet at the time.

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@jbfletcherfan no, the Fluthers of Invention!

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Hey, the world is full of bands that couldn’t play when they started. Ever heard of the Monkees?

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@Seek_Kolinahr – Oh, no! I must clear this up as a Monkees fan. While Micky and Davy really weren’t musicians, Peter and Mike were, but weren’t allowed to make much use of their talents by TPTB on the show. Everything about how the show came about, how it was produced, including the film Head , and how it all ended, was a straight-up mess. That most of the work itself came out pretty good, considering, is a testament to their talents, those of the songwriters, the Wrecking Crew and Chip Douglas.

Mike today is considered one of the godfathers of alt-country, and Peter would’ve fit right in with the likes of Broken Social Scene were he young enough, as he’s a multi-instrumentalist. Just listen to to the first link on this page. I’d be tickled pink if a band like Wilco or Neko Case covered this Mike Nesmith song.

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@wundayatta So putting you in charge of morale is a big no no then i’m guessing? Wheras we may sound like a cat drowning at least we can aim low.

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Since half of the founding members were not musicians, everyone else can feel free to chuckle at my intended joke, no?

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@ucme Call me a dreamer, but I was just imagining a band where folks are allowed to play the instruments they actually know how to play.

Ah well. Where’s the fun in that? On with the cat drowning! Never mind me. I’ll just bring my noise sound-cancelling headphones. Did I mention that the sound of drowning cats can give me a migraine the size of the Empire State Building?

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@ a dreamer It’s all good either way, as long as the cat survives the traumatic experience.That much of a migraine, you have my sympathy.

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