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Are networks being counterproductive in their efforts to slip us messages through TV? (I'll explain inside)

Asked by poofandmook (17272points) May 3rd, 2010

I caught something on TV some time ago about networks trying to subliminally get us to do things like go green by casually slipping it into a script. The only example I remember from the show is Dwight Schrute on The Office celebrating Earth Day as Recyclops. The idea is that because Dwight Schrute recycles, we’ll recycle. Because we are sheeple.

Anyway, there was a recent episode where Michael Scott and Dwight went to the dump to try and find something, and the two most visible items in their dump set were paper and cardboard.

So, isn’t that counterproductive to the recycling message? Especially when it involves the very same character promoting the recycling?

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It just sounds like a f*ck-up to me.

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The office didn’t do anything subliminal with the Recyclops episode. It was blatant. NBC has Green Week, where pretty much every show has a green theme. Al Gore was on 30 Rock, and there was an environmental festival on Chuck. It’s a network thing, and the rest of the time they just do their regular show. I think you’re reading too much into it.

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Standard propaganda technique. Even the least sheepish of people will eventually be beaten down by all of the repetition, unless they get alternate input now and then.

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@Likeradar: You’re right. I remember that part now, about the Green Week thing. I had forgotten. Okay, so strike the idea of subliminal messages.

I was sort of incredulous about the Recyclops thing, which is why I made the crack about being sheeple. I just thought it made the masses sound like easily influenced pawns or something.

Which was then followed with a “garbage dump” full of recyclables… since the idea behind Recyclops irked me, that’s probably why I took such notice to the dump.

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I think you were being too sensitive.
What did you expect the trash to look like? . You have highly paid actors, camera crews, production managers and equipment. Do you really think they would be walking around on weeks of food waste? Cardboard and paper are clean but look messy. .

Recyclops was hilarious. It is so “Dwight”.

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This is the biggest case of “RARRRR TV trying to control us better get on dat der internet and spread my words of enlightenment” I’ve ever heard.

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@syzygy2600: congratulations. Are you waiting for a prize or something?

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I think I meant to point this out days ago, but I thought Recyclops was hilarious, and I absolutely adore the Office. The idea behind it just irked me. But I’m over it :P

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@poofandmook can my prize be a link to some youtube video blogs about 2012 conspiracies? The sheeple need to be warned, man.

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[removed by me]

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