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6 yrs sober today; your reaction is:...? Does it matter to you?

Asked by BluRhino (1401points) May 3rd, 2010

a) Good for you! And thanks for making the world safer by not driving drunk anymore!

b) Good for you..(I wish I could do that)

c) Good for you ..(I’ve been sober longer)

d) Pussy. A real man can handle his beer.

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Good for you!

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e) Good for you.

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f) Celebration! Someone has faced their darkness and found a way to still shine!

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None of the above.

e) Good for you for having the strength and courage to make a positive change in your life.

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I’m going with E also. Good for you.

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Mine is-Congratulations :)

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Good for you and congratulations. I can’t imagine what that journey has been like.

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I’m gonna go with A. My sincerest congratulations.

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Kick ass!

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Good for you!
and I hope many more years also

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I usually say “Happy Birthday!”

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Good for you!

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With those choices I pick A. In my own words I would have said, “fantastic, keep it up.”

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Wow!!!!! Bloody amazing!!! Big congratulations xxxxxxxx

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I say someone should’ve brought some pie or cake or something.

or both.

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Well done. Keep it up.

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Good for you! I’ll drink to that! Good for you!

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Nice going!

Someone go get some balloons. I’ll bring the nachos.

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Nachos for everyone!

@poofandmook You bring the pie. :P

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oh, and yes, @BluRhino it matters to me. :-)

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It matters. Congratulations!

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@Nullo: :( pie

Seriously though, good job. Addiction is one of the most wicked fights a human can undertake. There’s no bigger opponent than yourself sometimes, and… you’re winning! lol

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Well done. I applaud anyone who makes an active effort to stop allowing a substance to control them. May I add – keep it up – and not be taken in a negative light? Please accept my sincerest congratulations!

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f) Good for you. More booze for me.


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THANK YOU ALL for your wonderful responses; although I did it for myself, I am happy to know it does make a difference; we each affect the world with what we do even if its not obvious…but knowing someone cares is a huge boost…just got home from another great meeting, and I am ready for some of those nachos!!
@DominicX ; I was thinking of putting that on my list.
@bob_ ; that has happened; I know a guy that celebrated his first 30 days with some O’Douls, ( he thought it was safe) and that was it for him…

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@DominicX As if you’re old enough to drink. :P

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A nicer version of A.

Happy for you.

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In a way it does matter to me as I know first hand what alcoholism and even drug abuse can do to ruin lives. If you are able to see your way through to a cleaner and happier life for 6 years, that is indeed a wonderful thing and I applaud your efforts!

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A friends (in the program) brother yesterday was involved in this..(click avatar) Driving too fast on a country gravel road, into the ditch, rolled and up and over a fence. Driver gets 3 intoxicated assault felony charges.( and some stitches) Her brother has a collapsed lung, several broken bones including hip, swelling in the brain. He responds to basic nerve tests, but is not conscious. He is 22. Other passenger has broken hip, back, and plastic surgery to put the skin back on his forehead. I thank God I never did this, and never will. I pray you don’t either. Jen says; “If you have to drive drunk, stick to Mario Kart”

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Thank you for sharing your celebration of this important accomplishment with us all.

It took guts for you to make the changes you made and determination to persist with them.

For those of us struggling to overcome additions, your example should serve to encourage others to keep working towards their own important goals.

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Good for you ; you made the right decision. Enjoy your sober life!
I know it wasn’t easy so you’ve shown your strength.

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