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Just How Quiet Can You Make a Tiled Kitchen?

Asked by Aster (19292points) May 3rd, 2010

Our kitchen is IN the den and the entire area is tile. I have a wool rug in the dinette. Two pots fell on the tile out of the cabinet and my ears are still ringing. It’s a small kitchen. Would a thick rug help a little or a lot to make it less noisy?

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Rugs on the floor. Objects on the wall, things in the corners.. You want to bring the sound deflection down.

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Introducing any “soft”, absorptive surfaces into the space will help to absorb the sound.

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Small oriental rugs are lovely. I have two in my kitchen, although my floors are pine and dent when something heavy falls on them

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You may want to consider popcorning the roof.

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Move with peace and grace – a kitchen with acoustic qualities such as yours will train the mind and body to nurture gentle activity and an inner peace.

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