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What 19th century authors have made an impact on your life?

Asked by thisisasituation (50points) May 3rd, 2010

Tell us what 19th century author, and perhaps some specific works of said author that have influenced you/made the most impact on you in your lifetime.

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Not sure, but lately Franz Kafka’s stories have been ridiculously intriguing to me. I don’t know why. I recently read The Metamorphosis and I am keen to get reading his other works too.

Just has made me think of things in new ways of late. Very interesting.

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My Grandfather Carol Vincent Lonergan, he wrote Ticonderoga – Historic Portage and
Brave boys of old Fort Ticonderoga to name a few.

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Mark Twain-Nothing specific…then there is Ayn Rand-Atlas Shrugged ;)

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Carl Sagan and Richard Dawkins.

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I also, enjoy the works of Robert S. Gottfried, Robert C. O’Brien and Ernest Thompson Seton.

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Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet. I apply his words to my life and use them to answer the questions of others a lot.

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Terry Goodkinds Sword of Truth series has greatly influenced my life and is a very special and wonderful series for me to have had the privilege of reading. Second best for me is Stephen Kings Dark Tower series.

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The Brothers Grimm were very influential in helping me develop my sense of imagination and creativity.

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Oscar Wilde… for making me laugh.
I’m amazed how accessible his plays are. Even though it contains lots of hard words because the plotting is so good and it’s so funny my students are able to get it. It proved to me that if a text is engaging, kids are just willing to wade in.
I think I’ve taught “The Importance of Being Earnest” at least four times now, and it still makes me laugh.

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(Some people are interpreting 19th Century pretty loosely here!)

I love Dickens, Anthony Trollope, Jane Austen (who was late 18th into eary 19th), Thomas Hardy. All have given me in varying degrees an appreciation for humor, character development, interpersonal dynamics, the vagaries of Fate, rural beauty and sense of temps perdu.

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Oops, I just now saw that it said 19th century lol…...

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Darwin’s The Evolution of Species
Emerson’s Walden and Civil Disobedience
Kierkegaard’s For Self-Examination
Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil and The Will to Power
Douglass’s Life and Times of Frederick Douglass
Jane Austen’s entire body of work.

Oh, there’s too many. The works above have either opened my mind to think new thoughts or to consider my circumstances today (or, rather, to-day), and imparted wisdom to me that I wouldn’t have gotten from any other sources.

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Thoreau and Twain.

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Has to be Dickens

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Dickens. A Christmas Carol is one of the 5 perfect stories I adore. (the others are Ulysses, Harry Potter, Pinocchio, and Hamlet).

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