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In a battle, who would win, Batman or Superman?(WITH OUT USING THE DARK KNIGHT AS A SOURCE)

Asked by pplufthesun (607points) March 12th, 2008

An ongoing battle between the fates. Aside from the Miller novel, who would win, in your factual opinion in a battle between the two and please…Give reasons.

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Depends if Batman could afford a trip to Crypton.

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Superman. He’s practically invincible.
Even if Batman did tho, he would just run around the earth and go back in time.
It never happened.

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Batman. Both superheros can fly and are physically strong, but Batman has that hot car and nipples of steel.

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Batman would so win. Superman is supposed to be the ultimate. Guess what, his weakness is a rock! Not only that but everytime we see superman, he’s getting his a** kicked by someone and barely scrapes by survival and just barely, BARELY, wins! Same thing happens to bateman, but he’s just a rich guy so its expected that he will get hurt, beat up and pushed to the brink of death.

Batman, hands down!

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Batman is a pedofile. No other way to explain Robin.

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Pedophiles can still kick ass in the physical sense, sure society will frown on them, but their muscles answer to no man… um or boy.

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batman doesn’t have super powers though.
i mean, don’t get me wrong. batman is awesome, but logistically?
not a chance.
How would he get krypton?
how woudl he get close enough when superman could just heat vision him a mile away through a few walls?

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uberbatman would probably kill regular batman.

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@skwerl88 how does lex luthor get kryptonite?

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Pedofiles do more to asses than kick them…

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buys it. but he doesn’t win versus superman either. superman’s always ended up winning.

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Batmans rich too! And superman barely wins!!! Batman is better equiped than lex luthor anyways which, everyone knows, would tip the scales!!!

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@WhyteOut: Who say’s Robin’s the catcher?

@all: Batman would win because he’s human and ultimately Superman’s ethics would be his downfall.

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Would Robin agree that Batman is better equipped??

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First off Batman is way cooler than superman. Just in the fact that Batman is human. Batman is much more than just Bruce Wayne, Batman is part of all of us. Really if you wanted to be you could be Batman. That being said superman is a bitch. Like come on every power wtf is that yet his home planet… his HOME PLANET is his weakness. All Batman has to do is make suit covered in kyponite and superman cant do shit. Superman only wins because he was the first superhero. Batman has beaten superman down before but ultimately stopped before killing him because he is friends with him.

@brownlemur thanks for the complement ^_^

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Peter Petrelli could whoop them both.

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Seconded! Peter Petrelli for the win!

[or syler?]

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Any Peter would bring Batman to his knees.

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Even if we disregard Miller’s DK, the tactics are still the same. Batman has the kryptonite ring given to him by Clark… and don’t think he hasn’t come up with a million ways to use it. Batman wins, though not easily.

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Besides that, batman could outsmart superman. Who’s dumb enough to use glasses and “not curled in front” hair as a desguise? That’s just idioic. Batman would win.

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@uberbatman- supermans home planet is Krypton his weakness it kyponite
@randy- batmans weakness is guns, knifes, fire, cancer, batman has the same weakness as any other human and also superman parts his hair diffrent ways and no one is going to notice when he is flying around super fast that superman is this shy journalist

and ppl say that batman would win cuz he has kriptonite superman could just shot him or stab him or drown him or steall allhis money so ya superman hands down

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@aisyna kyrptonite is just bits of his old planet. Therefor i am correct in saying that his weakness is his home planet.

Supermans disguise is retarded. Come on parted hair and glasses? I think the only reason that flys their is because metropolis is filled with brain dead civilians.

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well at least he dosent have stupid looking ears


Batman. Superman could never win in those red undies!!

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Batman of course, because the dude closely resembles me, Speedskater Man! We always win.

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