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Would You Drop this Dentist?

Asked by Aster (19126points) May 3rd, 2010

I went to an older dentist. He was in pain from having a knee replacement. He really hurt me a lot and I sort of yelled out. He goes, “stop it!” and I go, “it Hurts!” and he goes, “stop it! I don’t need it!” I dumped him cold. What would you have said or done?

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I would be nice, but I wouldn’t go back to him.

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Uh, yeah… you need a different dentist.

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I am just about to just do it ! Yeah.

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I would’nt go back. you don’t work on someone if they aren’t numb.

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Wow. Stop it? I’d probably have taken it a couple steps further by telling him that I was going to report him to the dental equivalent of the AMA. Whoever it is that certified him needs to know about this. It’s at the least unprofessional, and possibly steps over the line into unethical.

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It is his responsibility to make sure he is ok to return to work. Shouting things like, “Stop it!” and “I don’t need it” is supremely unprofessional and mean. I would drop him, like you did.

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Definitely drop him and as @Trillian said, report him to the ADA. (I think that’s the dental people…) He was completely wrong to do that. My dentist hurt his back and was bent over like a question mark. He still worked on me and never, ever hurt me. Then I sent him to my chiropractor!

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I’m with @Trillian on this. That behaviour is very unproffesional and needs to be dealt with.

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omg. that is fucked up.

…shoulda kicked him in the knee! ha

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IT WAS IN ARKANSAS!! But I DO miss it, regardless of that idiot.

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I had a dentist yell at me and throw a needle. I never made another appointment, and my family dropped him as our family dentist.

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