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Got any tips on roasting peanuts?

Asked by noodlehead710 (309points) May 3rd, 2010

I bought a big ol’ bag of raw Virginia peanuts in the shell and am going to try to roast them myself. I was thinking about just turning on the oven to 350* and roasting for about 20–25 minutes. I’ve heard I want to shake around the pan a few times during the roasting. Does anyone have any other tips to help me maximize deliciousness?

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Don’t forget the salt!

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@Trillian So I should salt the peanuts in the shell, or shell them first? Will salt on the shell affect the flavor of the peanut? I was a bit confused about that issue, could you elaborate some? I guess I thought I might avoid it since I generally prefer unsalted peanuts (storebought). Maybe homemade salted is a horse of a different color?

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OOOO you just reminded me I have peanuts in the shell in the cupboard. I’ll be back——————————————————————Better. I’ve never been a good roaster. I usually put them in for too long and I end up making them a little dark

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I don’t know lovey. I’ve never roasted peanuts myself, though I roast pumpkin seeds every fall for my kids. I use kosher salt for those. If you prefer unsalted, don’t use any. I eat the peanut shell and the nut, and I like salted.

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I love roasting peanuts. Passionately, I do it everytime I get the chance, and I never do it the same way twice. But I always shell the peanuts entirely. Then I make a butter, honey, salt, and whatever other spice is on my mind, mixture. Sometimes I want it sweeter, sometimes spicier, so that alters the other spices I add. Toss the peanuts in the mix, and spread them in a solid thin layer on a tinfoil covered cookie sheet.

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Sounds delightful.

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You don’t need salt if roasting them in the shells. Oven at 300, peanuts on a cookie sheet, shake every 5 minutes for about 20 minutes. Don’t over-roast.

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Don’t do it. They’re nasty.

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