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How long does it take for a giraffe to throw up?

Asked by Vunessuh (16699points) May 3rd, 2010

If a giraffe’s neck is about 7ft in length, how long will it take the contents to hit the happy tourist in the face?
I’ve done a google search and have found no information leading to how long this process approximately takes.
Do tell if you have any insight. :)

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Ha, That is the best question I have ever heard, you made my night.

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Grow up…I get it.

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I’m sure there is a mathematical way to solve this…this isn’t some kind of sexual innuendo is it?

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Giraffes are like cows in the way that they chew their cud.
So technically, they are always regurgitating. They are also finicky eaters, so they seem to know what foods would cause them to throw up, which is why it’s not too common.
But to answer the question… I would imagine it wouldn’t take very long.. 30 seconds MAX.
I have no idea, though. I haven’t timed it recently.

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@Sueanne_Tremendous Yeah, I’ve read up on all of that, but nothing ever says approximately how long it takes. Thanks for the link though. GA.
@rangerr When you time it, fill me in with ze detailz.
@johnny0313x I guess it can be some kinda sexual innuendo if you want it to be..

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I love this question

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Exactly 15 minutes and 23 seconds, never any more, never any less

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About as long as it takes an elephant to blow its nose.

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The idea is revolting, but I give you full marks for the inventiveness of the question.

If I were a giraffe, I would keep a good supply of Tums on hand just so I didn’t have to face this issue.

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@Vunessuh ~ as a giraffe fan I just have to ask… how did you even think of this question?
very informative threaad btw… great job everyone

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Thanks for your answers everyone. GA’s to you all, but I guess it still remains a mystery. ::tear::

@mcbealer I had a garage sale over the weekend and I was selling a lot of my grandmother’s jewelry. She adores giraffes and she had a lot of giraffe earrings and I found and kept this beautiful giraffe pin. And then, uh….hm. I dunno. The thought just came to my mind after that. :D

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@johnny0313x There’s got to be some sexual innuendo in there somewhere, after all giraffes are neckked.

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5–10 minutes,tops ;)

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It’s pretty fast. Apparently the muscles used contract at the same rate as other animals. It might take a little longer due to the long neck, but the impression I get from this article is that it isn’t much longer. Here’s someone who says it takes 45 seconds. That seems a little long to me.

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I asked a friend of mine who is an animal expert and she explained the process to me and said it takes approximately 45 seconds for the content to build it’s way up through the throat and out the mouth. I typed this into Google and I found several pages saying the same thing. Waalaa! Thanks @wundayatta and everyone else again for your answers! :)

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‘VoilĂ ’ is how we spell “Waalaa.”

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@Jeruba Really? I’ve seen that so many times and had no idea what the hell it meant. I always just said, “waalaa”. Thank you! I learned something new. :)

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I don’t know, but I thought you might find this interesting.

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So, I get modded even after suggesting the question should be moved to Social? I mean, look at the previous answers and at the topics. You really think no off-topics comments are welcome? Really?

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Edit: Disregard previous quip. Also, Dog rules.

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Question was so funny… made me fart.

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