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what is your definition of a soul - mate?

Asked by guesswho (133points) March 12th, 2008 from iPhone
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Batman and Robin.

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LOL…. Nice.

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the one person that can make me the happiest person alive and then 10 minutes later know how to perfectly get under my skin. Knowing that we seem to laugh about it as soon as I start to get angry. It is the one person I can look at and see no flaws and everytime I think about them when were apart it takes my breath away. The one person I couldn’t live without that is my definition.

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A person who bares their soul to me and to whom I bare mine, and we love and accept each other as we our with our human flaws, and we have no need for false pretenses. We can have more than one soulmate, and they can fall in different categories in our lives… friends or lovers.

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A delusional fantasy harbored by people who are setting themselves up to be disappointed in love.

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having sex while listening to Barry White

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I’m afraid that the whole ‘fate’ idea is one which I will never quite get on with, however I do have my own little idea of soul-mate:
One with whom I can know everything about, warts and all, and still be in a love beyond my futile human mind. One who makes everyday that little bit better, purely through the knowledge that they are alive and thinking of you. One with whom one stolen glance is worth more than a kiss with anyone else.

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