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If you were in a pitch-black dark room with your S/O and some of your closest friends, how could you locate your S/O without using sound or your hands?

Asked by prolificus (6583points) May 3rd, 2010

Creativity counts!

Oh, and intentional cheating on your S/O is not an option!

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My wife has lots of hair, so I guess I’d trip the various people down, take off my shoe, and feel their hair with my foot.

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Their scent.

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I would smell for him.

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I know for an absolute fact that I could locate my man by his delightful scent. He doesn’t wear cologne or anything like that, it is just that I love the way he smells and I could pick him out anywhere because of that.

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My penis would find her eventually.

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I would be unable to do it and neither would any of you.
At least not on the first try.

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hmm i like this question, hard to live up to it lol well i couldnt feel her tattoo…so thats out…she does have short stubby toes, so i could feel those….usually with little toe rings on them too….yeah the toes, thats how id find her

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I would be drawn to his energy. You know the kind, you’re in a crowded room and you know without turning he has entered the room.

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Is it OK to just kick people and when you hear their cry you’ll know who they are? Or is that cheating?

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relax and drop my energy way down, and use my internal gps

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@cockswain – inflicting pain would be mean, but not cheating. Using the sound of crying would be cheating, according to this question. Nice try :)

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I’d hug em (using my arms, not hands). A girl knows how she fits into her boyfriends arms and against his body.

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@Captain_Fantasy I know I would be able to do it. There is not even a single bit of doubt in my mind that I would be able to find him by his smell. Of course there is also the fact that he would certainly be sitting, that would count out anyone who’s head was at the same level as mine.

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@Allie – I don’t think peck kissing is cheating. But, how could a peck determine it’s your S/O?

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@prolificus Sorry, I edited my answer. I figured kisses (even pecks) might be breaking the rules of the question.

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If someones boyfriend is wearing Axe perfume and no one else is then yes, it’s a slam dunk.

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Any mother who has smelled the top of someone else’s baby’s head knows how distinctive an individual’s scent really is. I have often said that one knows their true love by the smell. I remain convinced that my olfactory senses are enough to enable me to find my man under these circumstances.

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I’d ask all involved to bend their heads to one side. Then using my neck, I’d cradle my head into their necks and find my home.

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I know the sound of his breathing. Do you consider that using sound? I thought maybe that meant voluntary sound.

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@Jeruba – all forms of sound, voluntary and involuntary :-)

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She’d be by far the shortest. Easy!

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@prolificus I’m stuck. Do you have a plan?

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I would find the door with my foot and wait for her to show up. She’d hate that situation.

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Simply zone in on the snoring. Where it is loudest, there she is. And I hope she never sees this because she adamantly insists all the noise is my snoring (and I do to an epic scale)

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@majorrich – okay.. what’s her name? I’m telling!!!! Seriously, no sound, though. That’s cheating! :)

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Oh!! they are awake. My closest friends and I are forbidden by our wives to utter the ‘C’ word. So, if I enter the pitch blackness and say “C-U” someone will say “NT” That would be Terry. Then one of the wives will recognize the voice and say “oh Terry” lhen I would know that is Laurie. The one rupturing my spleen with her elbow would be my wife.

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@liminal – Creative, yes. But, escape is not an option (I just added this rule to the question) :-P So, what else could you do if the door (or window or any other escape hatch) is not an option?

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@majorrich – But.. but… but… uttering any form of sound (including single letters) is not allowed, according to the question. Nice try :)

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Nutz, sound is out… I just waunder around the room and if I hit a tall hairy one that would be Terry, If I hit boobs at face level that is Laurie. If I trip over boobs thats Nancy, If I feel gurly hair that goes up my nose that would be my wife, who would than rupture my spleen.

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Considering my closest friends are ex’s I’m pretty sure I could tell them apart with a hug and a kiss or two – the combination of height, breast size, body type, taste, and kiss are fairly unique to each of them. Barring that, possibly smell, I recognize my wife’s shampoo pretty well.

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I am adding the rule that the door is still there even though it is locked. So, I am still waiting by the door because she is still going to find it. I will know it is her because she will be the one breaking the lock. I can confirm by standing in front of her and noticing where her knee meets the back of my knee.

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If all in the room stood side by side and still then I’d be able to go to the backside of each one, stand up against them for a spell and then know my partner by his scent as well as where my body fits against his.

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HA Buttocular familiarity! if I find one that is as cold as a frozen turkey, that would be my wife. XD

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@cockswain – you’re stuck in the room?! And you want me to find you?! Awwwww how sweet!!! :-)

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Her natural scent. And, if I accidently bumped into her…her girls.

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My S.O. has a nice muscular bod and not much fat. Me, my closest friends, and his closest friends are all a little… fluffy. So if I bump into someone and they’re squishy, it’s not him.

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Simple. I’d just tell a joke about my mother-in-law and wait for her to hit me.

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@DarkScribe – No sound… this includes jokes in poor taste ;-) Nice try.

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In that case I could find him with my tongue. I might have to lick everybody in the room, but I’d find him.

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I would smell him.

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My wife is about 5’2” tall.
Except for my wife, my shortest friend is about 5’8”.
I’m about 5’11”.
I’d hold my hand out at about my chin level and then I’d feel around for the top of her head.

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Like many others here, I would be able to smell him. It was his smell that was one of things that first attracted me to him and I still absolutely love it. I never appreciated smell until I met him! If that failed then I would feel everyones hair. He doesn’t have much and all of my close friends have more than him so I would know who he was by the stubbly feeling of what is left of his hair.

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No hands, guys. Ground rules.

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I missed that part.

In that case, I’ll use my chin.

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@jeruba….touch includes your tongue…..Thats how I greet all my friends!!!!

But’s it’s a great party game!

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But @jazmina88, touch was not excluded—just sound and hands.

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