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How do I clean an always smudgy macbook screen?

Asked by dans85 (109points) February 10th, 2007
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For my LCD screen on desk top computer, I use a spray called "Monster ScreenClean" and a chamois that I bought at Staples. Safe also for TV screens.
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i have a macbook, and i bought apple's iKlear solution (they sell it on their website and in all of their stores) and it works like a charm. it also cleans all the other surfaces of the computer, including the keyboard and makes it look like it did when you first took the macbook out of the box. its worth the price tag and it comes with a bunch of other cleaning things for your macbook.
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the most important thing is what NOT to do
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1. never use paper towels or napkins
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2. never use water
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(well, not tap water. distilled is ok.) what you want is a microfiber cloth, which you can get at any good computer store for a couple of bucks. dampen half the microfiber cloth with iKlear or another alcohol based glass cleaner which is clearly labeled as being safe for laptops, and gently wipe the screen. then, polish gently with the dry part of the cloth.
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lastly, stop touching your screen! the oils in your fingers will eventually erode the protective finish on the screen, and then the smudges start to get permanent.
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I'll enter another vote for iKlear... which I use on my iMacs, iPod and iPhones and it works very well! It is anti-static and alcohol and ammonia-free.

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you need two things.
1. WD40
you know what to do

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