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If the ViaCom building was the target in the attempted Car Bombing in New York how would it effect south-park episodes?

Asked by talljasperman (21863points) May 3rd, 2010

Viacom has a business relationship to South-Park… and last week a couple of nuts threatened to kill the creators of South-Park over episode #200. if this turns out to be true will more episodes be censored?

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It is purely speculation at this point. There are a lot of rumors flying.

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Clearly, the quality of the nightly South Park episode is the most pressing matter in this case.

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If the target was South Park, why not wait for Trey Parkers new show, right down the street, in a couple months? He wrote a new show, “The Book Of Morman”.
If the target was South Park, why hit Viacom? They broadcast it, but many others do as well.
If the target was South Park, does that explain the cartoonish design of his car bomb?

I don’t believe SP was the target. I think this moron was going for a high profile target, and was lucky to find a parking place.

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