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How finickety are you?

Asked by sakura (8267points) May 4th, 2010

So I was wondering how many people out there are fussy about little things that don’t usually bother other people?
For example:

My brother likes a tidy car and has a bin in the passenger footwell
whereas my sister lets the rubbish pile up and then has a big clear out!
Me… perhaps a little more finickety than most…when I am pegging my clothes on the washing line they all have to be straight and they absolutely all have to have the same pegs holding each item of clothing, all pink or orange (and yes I know wooden pegs would solve the problem but they leave dents in the clothes, I have non-marking pegs!) My husband takes it one step further and puts all the clothes that belong to one person on their own particular part of the washing line – it makes it easier when you collect them in they can go in the basket in order to be placed in each room accordingly!
My grandma irons hankies!
My mother in law irons all her bedding!

So what things do you have to have just right that others could probably take or leave?

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I suppose I am fussy about where in my wardrobe I put my clothes.
I put all the same shade/colours together, so I know exactly what I have in any particular colour.
If I see an item in the wrong colour section it drives me mad

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Not at all. I don’t care where things are as long as I can find them. Socks here, underwear here, etc…

I’m a bit of a snob about it to be honest. I mentally sigh anytime anyone cares about or puts a lot of effort into things I consider small and useless, but I’ve learned to keep my trap shut.

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I have to stack the dishwasher in an aesthetically pleasing manner. There has to be a space between each dish, tallest things at the back & each type of dish must congregate together….. no mixing.

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What’s wrong with ironing bedding? I am the same as @JeffVader with the dish washer. The bed has to made absolutely perfect.

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I must insist on my wife coming first, actually it would be nice if we came together but hey can’t have it all my own way.

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@ucme That’s always a good thing.

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@Sophief Fuck yeah!

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Where do I start! Tidy car, tool boxes with all my tools in groups, nuts, bolts and screws all in size by type, hand towels on the warmer level, sofa throws and cushions just so! The list is endless :-)

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How finicky am I? Well I had to look it up to see if that was a synonym – turns out it doesn’t exist – but it’s a cute way of saying finicky.

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Same as @JeffVader about the dishwasher.

Foods must be arranged on my plate so that foods do not get mixed together and juices do not run into other foods.

I want a lot of ice in my glass when I have a cold drink and replenish frequently.

As I look around my house I realize there is not much else.

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@Supacase I’m similar to you on the food thing…. but only with pasta or rice. I hate it when sauce gets on either!

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I’m not especially fastidious. I’m persnickety about people not adhering to an established MO, though.

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I have to have my socks matching no matter what, and my underclothes must match the color shirt that I decide to wear, as do my shoes.

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@Zen_Again maybe it’s a colloquial term? We use it all the time round my end! – hey didn’t think I’d ever use the term colloquial after my english A Level!

Thanks for all the responses guys :) nice to know I’m not the only one who has to do things certain ways!

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My bed sheets HAVE to be tucked in and I iron my bread….I can’t stand folded corners or mushed edges on my ham sandwiches. ;)

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not at all…

@Cruiser—iron my bread—loll wow!

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I’m a slob. bigtime

But I keep a clean kitchen. And I don’t allow my foods to touch. If I have a steak and baked potato I will cut of the parts that are cross-contaminated and feed them to the dog.

I usually use separate plates.

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With me its whatever catches my eyes. Pictures have to be absolutely straight. It bugs me if they are slightly off. Clocks that are off 5 minutes drive me nuts. Shower curtain must me closed at all times. I hate a dark home. I have to have all the blinds open during daylight. Hate clutter on my computer desk. Oh, hell. I hate clutter, period. But my biggest pet peeves is a disorganized kitchen and bathroom. Everything must be in its place.

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I always thought I was laid back but apparently I’m pretty damn picky. However more about weird stuff, because I like to refer to my style as an organized mess – organized to me but no way in a traditional way

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I am a bit messy but the pictures must be straight, the curtains must hang symmetrically with the folds evenly spaced. I hang clothes on the line by type and whose they are. Also the lines must have the clothes evenly distributed and the towels or other items must hang from longest to shortest.

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I consider my inability to enjoy a snack or a meal unless a napkin and drinking water are available somewhat fussy.

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@sakura ‘round my end!’ I laughed out loud when I read that!

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@wilma Ah yes crooked pictures argggghhhh they really annoy me. I have been known to straighten pictures when in a restaurant or hotel. I have been given some odd looks, but I don’t care, it annoys me

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The word is “finicky” (or “persnickety”).

But I’m not fussy at all.

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@BoBo1946 I take it you don’t iron your bread then? I must try it sometime LOLL

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@Cruiser “I iron my bread” So who are you, Benny or Joon? ;-)
I’m rarely finickety, but sometimes persnickitllly.

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@partyparty actually, don’t iron much of “nuttin!”

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@Trillian I am a huge Buster Keaton fan so I will definitely go for the Benny role! BTW I use the wool setting too! lol!

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@Cruiser You’re gonna burn it!

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I like my peanut butter and jelly on the outside of the bread.
I can’t have it any other way;)

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My clothes in my closet are organized by type, then by colour. I’m about to re-do my entire closet area once my new set of hangers comes in, including shoes and accessories. Other than that, I’m not very finicky at all.

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@Trillian Rayon setting would be the way to go but I live large plus that is what the steam setting is for! lol!

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@Cruiser What, soggy bread? Hey sugar, I’m all for it! I want you to be exactly who you are, and if that person steams his bread, I think he’s great!

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i’m just pixelated!

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I guess I’m not. Wow. You people are freaks. :)

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@CyanoticWasp The OP is English; maybe they’re finickety about things we’re persnickety about?

Oops, sorry; here’s a pair of reading glasses so you can read my post.

@CyanoticWasp The OP is English; maybe they’re finickety about things we’re persnickety about?

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@janbb I twigged to the ESL thing (when will those people learn to speak Standard English, one wonders?) straight off, luv (you’re a pip). But ‘finicky’ is still just that, and ‘persnickety’ that. If one were to invent ‘finickity’ then there has to be an allowance of time for it to gain favour.

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Right you are then, guv!

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@CyanoticWasp finickity has always been used in my family :)

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Things usually have to be symmetrical with me, everything must look even. Creases in pants drive me up a wall and I won’t wear a pair of anything if they have a crease or I can’t get it to sit right. I also hate it when I don’t match, absolutely can’t stand it. Usually its mostly shoes if they don’t look right I have to change clothes or change shoes.

Edit: I also can not eat without something to drink, and I can never finish the last last little nibble of a bite of my sandwich and sometimes other foods too.

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Clean the bathroom or up after yourself after having used the bathroom. I really don’t want to be cleaning up anyone’s short and curlies and trying to pick them off of the soap. Yuck.

I like my surroundings to be tidy. If yours aren’t, I’ll be okay, but, deep down I won’t like it.

When we have something planned, don’t be late. Pisses me off.

Do your bleeping dishes and pick up your own gotchies. I’m not your Mama.

Other than that, I’m pretty easy going.

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Haha… Funny name. I pick up my wife’s chonies all the time. :)

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My g/f is an exception. I have no problem picking hers up.

At times, I’ll wear them on my head. ;-)

Anyone else’s gotchies, I can’t do it. I lived with two brothers and boys are gross. They were so lazy, they’d toss them down to the end of the stairs because that’s where the laundry room was. When I did wash, I’d cover them with a towel and pick them up or grab my Dad’s shoe horn and scoop them up that way.

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Every bite of my sandwich must have each of the ingredients of the sandwich on it. I’m okay with Wendy’s burgers not having enough pickles to cover completely, but it wouldn’t happen at home!! Yes, of course socks match! Be ready and looking for me if I am picking you up- don’t make me wait or worse, have to come in for you! My car gets a little tidy-up every once in awhile.

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@faye That is the exact reason I usually do not finish my last bite of sandwich cause it always just consists of the bread and some mustard!

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@sakura I thought you spelled it finickety as a way to catch the finickiest in their finickiness.

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@sakura I don’t know if it’s a colloquial term, but finally there’s a word that lmost rhymes with Schenectady.

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I’ll only eat chicken in fried form.

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I used to vacuum my floors every night, all the lines in the carpet had to be equally spaced and running in the same direction. I also ironed everything. When I became a mom I had to stop the finicky, aka anal behaviours. I would be putting away the tinker toys while my child was trying to build a structure. Now after all these years I’m not finicky about much.

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@Silhouette loll..good answer!

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@BoBo1946 Thanks. I’m much happier now that my arse isn’t wound so tight.

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