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Does anyone know about trees which eat living things?

Asked by 9doomedtodie (3113points) May 4th, 2010

I heard that,thre are some trees in the world who eat living things like animals,humen.
Is it true that such type of trees exist?
if yes then where are they?
What they are called?

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In a very broad sense, everything eats everything. When you die, your nutrients are reabsorbed into the environment where they go on to feed other organisms; your leftovers are reinstalled, in a roundabout manner, at the bottom of the food chain.

Wikipedia has an article about carnivorous plants. None of them seem to fall into the “tree” category.

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I’d heard stories about trees like that but nothing has been proven.

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The closest thing to what you describe is a recently discovered Giant Philippine Pitcher Plant

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@LostInParadise Great article. That certainly was interesting. I would love a pink fern. Wish they had a pic of that.

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Only in Oz. (And I don’t mean ‘Australia’.)

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Outside of Mortal Kombat II, no.

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