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What happened to Rangie?

Asked by Sophief (6676points) May 4th, 2010

We were pming each other yesterday and I just logged on to reply to her, but she has disappeared.
Does anyone know what happened to her?

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Why has this question disappeared from the Home page under New questions?

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@Rachienz :: Since it is about fluther it got moved to the meta section.

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It appears she disabled her account on her own.

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Many people were just too rude to her, not just in threads, but PM’s too. :(

If you are reading this Rangie, I hope you are doing well. I liked you!

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@jonsblond She was a really nice person, she never said anything in pm’s yesterday, she was talking about her beautiful dogs. It’s a real shame, I hope she comes back.

@augustlan Thank you for letting me know.

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I liked Rangie, she was nice to me.

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She was nice to me also.

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Agreed, I like Rangie. I hope she returns in some way.

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I didn’t think she sounded very happy here.

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I love Rangie…..I hope the real world is kinder.

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Rangie was not so bad, but it seemed as she viewed any opposition to her views as a hostile attack on her views. Most people who think that way do not last long on sites such as these.

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Is it really that surprising?

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@DominicX – I seldom disagree with you dude and once again, I must agree.

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People who don’t just express their opinions but crusade for them and regard any disagreement as a personal affront are going to have a hard time in an open forum where difference of opinion is the norm.

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Rangie, if you are reading this and you want to get in touch or talk to me, please do!

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Oh no, Rangie please come back and don’t let some people ruin your mood.

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@ Rangie.. dont go, please you were the light of my day, you made me smile when no one else could

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Hmmm…I sure never had any problems with her. I guess things were going on behind the scenes that I wasn’t aware of.

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Isn’t her husband on fluther? wasn’t his name Milo os something? does anyone no?

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@slick44 Um, Milo is GailCalled’s cat. I’m pretty sure Rangie’s husband was not a member.

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@augustlan… lol oh my mistake, ok then thanks.

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@augustlan ooohhhhhhh…THAT made me laugh out loud.

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Sorry to hear this.

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