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What do you do when you know from the moment you get out of bed that you're set up to have a crap day?

Asked by poofandmook (17272points) May 4th, 2010

Maybe because you’re stupid, stayed up too late, got on the computer at 2am instead of staying put in bed and trying to sleep again, got up and went to the bathroom twice in an hour and a half, got impatient again at 3:30 and went back on the computer, and when you finally fell asleep at around 4:30, your stupid friend thinks it’s a good idea to send 4 text messages in rapid succession at 6:15, half an hour before your alarm goes off.

Well then you forget to get gas on the way to work, even though you’re well aware that your car doesn’t like to start after you get gas if you’re under ¼ of a tank. And speaking of work, your co-worker is off on Tuesdays and you have to do her job, which you hate.

So how do you shove through? How do you resist going postal? What helps you slap on a happy face until you get to go home?

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Take the day slowly. It’s worse if you try to rush.

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Never had that happen to me. I just assume it’s going to be a decent day and go on about my business. : )

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Fluther as much as possible, keep my head down, and as @PandoraBoxx says, try to take the day slowly and carefully so I don’t screw too much up.

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1. coffee (good and strong)
2. make sure to drink enough water
3. eat every few hours to keep my blood sugar level at an even keel
4. fluther in between jobs whenever possible
5. practice deep breathing exercises throughout the day
6. make sure to take a lunch break

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I would just count the hours until I could go back to bed.
Tomorrow is another day… and a better one… hopefully!!

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@partyparty: That’s exactly what I would normally do. Except I’m trying to change my negativity and develop some damn coping skills and anger management skills, and when I go back to my therapist on Thursday, it would be a much more pleasant session if I could say I made some freaking progress :P

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Do what @mcbealer suggested AND fantasize about getting a cake job while perusing through monster and careerbuilder.

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When I was in school I would go back to bed until something good goes on the t.v. or radio

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@talljasperman: well, I’m sitting in my cubicle at work and the only thing I’ve got going for me right now is a box of Hostess cupcakes which I actually have a real addiction to at the moment and I’m trying to stop so even that sucks. D:<

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Clean out just one desk drawer. You will accomplish something tangible and will be reminded of that success every time you open it.
Avoid the cupcakes.

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Chocolate helps me.

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Just another day in the life of Cruiser! lol! I add in a couple martinis through the evening so the rest of what you described is really worth all the effort!

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Make up a game to distract yourself. I like to say “meow” to people and see if they catch it. If they do, I pretend like I said no such thing. I saw it on a movie once and this simple little thing has helped me more times than you can imagine. I did it here once not too long ago, I think in the story we just did. Nobody got it.

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Smile, genuinely, every now and then; stay calm and centered; make the time to relax and let it go at the end of the day.

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@poofandmook Well if you want to start your day feeling good here is what I would do.
When you wake up, and before you get out of bed, start to think of all the good things that are going to happen in your life today. Get rid of any negative thoughts, and only get out of bed when you are feeling positive. Your day will be started with you feeling happy.
It really does work.

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wake and bake

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@uberbatman: I don’t smoke, but thanks anyway lol

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@poofandmook re-write your resume and look in the job board when you get time

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(in my best Barney voice) “Turn that frown upside down!”

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Meditate. 5 minutes. I’ve been incorporating the practice into my life, even when I don’t feel like it and feel crappy.

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Take it out on the weak and infirm actually I have a good outlook on life and try not to let things bring me down

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I eat generally…which is not good and not at all helpful here, sorry… I’m useless at these things…Try to sit it out… perhaps talk to someone about it..yes! Phone your best friend if you can or plan something later in the day for yourself that you can look forward to….

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Sounds like you have a lot you’re dealing with.

Coffee seems like a good start.

Can you get yourself something healthy and delicious so you’re still having a comfort snack without it being cupcakes?

What about listening to some music over head phones to put you in a better mood?

If all else fails….

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when it rains it pours… because it just got worse. Agh! lol

@nikipedia: Actually, I am very seriously considering picking up some pad Thai for lunch. I don’t know how much healthier that is than cupcakes, but there are bean sprouts and tofu in it, and those are healthy, and that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

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You man up, you tough it out.

One of those if it don’t kill you it will make you better things.

And, you go forward.

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@ChazMaz: typical work crap doesn’t kill you or make you better. It just sucks. And if it happens often enough, it could actually begin the process of killing you. So, yeah.

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Bean sprouts? Tofu? Definitely healthy!

Also I think Chazzy here might have a point. You can at least feel good about yourself knowing that you pulled together and made it through something difficult—it speaks to your character, your determination, your perseverance, and your new, more positive attitude :) Right?!

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And, hopefully, you have either learned how to avoid it from happening again or enduring it better next time.

“typical work crap doesn’t kill you or make you better”
Bummer you see it/feel that way.

I have never seen it or felt that way. ;-)

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@nikipedia: baby steps. lol

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Honestly, I cancel my day and stay home. You already did the hard part—you got up and faced the day. Good for you!

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Go back to sleep.
I’m homeschooled, so I can :)

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The morning is so much better after a good crap.

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One foot in front of the other.

I always tried to leave my own crap at the door when I got to work and then focused on the work, which is part of what it means to be professional. It really helped to just shed stuff. Sometimes going to work was exactly the relief I needed because I did shed stuff there and nowhere else. I tried hard not to take it out on innocent victims; knowing I was treating them badly would just make me feel worse.

A bad night leaves me feeling spacey all day. As much as possible, that’s when I take it slow and look forward to regaining my balance the next night.

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What? I wake up every day and the first thing I do is ask myself how I can this day the best day ever. I made a pledge to myself a long time ago to be happy every single day for the rest of my life. It’s simply a matter of attitude.

Why would deciding to be happy be a matter of pasting on a fake smile? Yes, that can help you get through the day, but why not just think of ways to ‘really’ make your day a good one?

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@YARNLADY: Going through a lot of stuff. I’m not quite “there” yet. I’ve been a negative pessimist my whole life. Hey, pasting the fake smile on is already progress. Usually I wouldn’t even try that hard.

I know I’ve been whining a lot, sorry…

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I saw this recently:
The week begins with Monday and Tuesday. Not wonder the calendar ends the week with W T F.

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I never consider a day as a whole day. That is, I never let one, or a few, bad things cause the rest of my day to be a “bad day”. I’ve had this mentality for a while and it’s been great!

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A little “self-gratification” always helps me….

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@YARNLADY I love your answer :-)

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