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Would anyone like to give me some good pointers, advise, etc. about representing myself in court today?

Asked by BoBo1946 (15285points) May 4th, 2010

Almost a year ago, was stopped in a school zone for speeding. School has been in session for only a few days as this happened the first week of August. Travel the road often to visit my mother. The school is located approx 600 yds off a four lane highway. There are no house remotely close to the school and all my years of living here have never seen a child on the road. BTW, this is the high school. The policeman gave me a ticket for doing 52 in a 35 mph school zone. The highway, at the time, had no flashing lights to warn people about the school zone. (normally, the speed limit on this highway is 55 mph accept during certain hours while school is in session) I had been going through here almost daily and just didn’t realize school had started.

Due to liability purposes and a four lane highway should have flashing lights to warn people, and since my ticket, have worked with our major and now they have installed flashing lights. Some good came out of this deal.

Anyway, today is my court date. It has been put off about three times for various reasons.

Anyone have any good advise for me?

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Tell the court what you told us. Say it honestly, without histrionics and without defensiveness, and accept what they decide. Apologize, too.

It was an innocent mistake, and normally you acknowledge you broke the law, but you had no way of knowing school was in session. You don’t have kids and there were no lights. You understand that driving quickly in a school zone is unsafe and had no intention of doing so. You usually slow down, but didn’t in this case because it wasn’t obvious to you that school was in session. I’m sorry, your honor.

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@wundayatta good show…like that!

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@wundayatta: Beautifully, wonderfully, and brilliantly said! That’s what I call a great answer and mark it too.

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Bobo, the truth is the truth is the truth. you have told us, now tell the court. be sincere in your explanation. can you take a quick photo of this school zone area? if so, it will be a plus for you to show in traffic court. judges like photographs. pictures do not lie. good luck and lets us know. john

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My advice is get an attorney who will get a continuance and let him represent you.

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did that John (photo) and have an email from the mayor….little nervous…don’t do this everyday!

will do John…

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The truth shall set you free, Good luck my friend. We are all pullin for you.:)

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@slick44 thank you so much for the encouragement! it is needed!

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You are very welcome. And keep your chin up.

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Good luck Bobo.

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Hey guys, got there, and the judge is a friend of mine and have used him on some stuff…he had to recuse himself…the case was put on the docket and it will be another 3 months!

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Wow well i dont no if that is good for you or not. I am sure you just want to get it over with.

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@slick44 actually, does not bother me one bit…..the longer it goes, the longer i keep my money…loll

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@BoBo1946 .. lol good point. Then on that note. congrats.

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