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I'm looking for a quirky wedding cake?

Asked by buttonmoon (26points) May 4th, 2010

Months ago before I was engaged I found one that had ‘all you need is love’ written on it, it was the most beautiful cake I’ve ever seen but now it might come in use I can’t find it anywhere, can anyone recommend any good sites for wedding cakes?

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The first place I’d look is here. There are tons of cakes + vendors + cake ideas.
If not, you should try here which is a place you can go to find different vendors in your area.
I’d check out some wedding blogs like oncewed and weddingchicks. Wedding blogs always have tons of cute things on their site.

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I saw a cute one once that was a bridge.

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You can contact Ace of Cakes in Baltimore for a custom made cake.

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This is cute. Without The Beatles on top, of course.

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I love wedding cakes.

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@marinelife i agree. ace of cakes in baltimore fer sure.

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