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What SEO strategy brought you to first search results page?

Asked by ford4tin (10points) May 4th, 2010

Want to compare notes with other webmasters.

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Not coming from me, but someone else’s experience.. they made effective use of keywords. On the majority of your pages within the website, have keywords or phrases that your demographic would type into a search engine. So if your site is about skateboard deck design. On every page, have keywords like, skateboard design, customization, personalize, skatepark, tony hawk, etc. Placement of these keywords through the pages is effective. The build of the site is important. What you place first to last in order on the page is what search engines determine to be most important for the user. So if you have at the top of our example website (skateboard design) a video of tony hawk, that’s not very effective in what you are selling. Your site would be thought of as a video/skateboard lesson type of site. Instead, at the top of the page, have things like user generated design & detailed information about what you offer for skateboards. It’s important, the structure of the site. It’s one thing to have all the data present, but how you arrange it, is crucial to how engines read what your site is about & what it offers. Think of it like feng shui for web design. :)

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The easiest way to do that is to see what your competition is doing, by checking their links.

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