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The better the neighborhood, the better the used goods.
You will score well in Walnut Creek and Napa.

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what are you looking for?

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In SF there are no thrift stores.
Only “vintage clothing outlets” and they’re not cheap.

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Go this website . Enter your zip code and it lists all thrift shops within the desired radius.
There are customer reviews too

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The Goodwill and Salvation Army in San Rafael are both cool.

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@Captain_Fantasy From my experience, that’s not true at all. I’ve bought a few clothing items in thrift stores in SF and paid very little for the items.

If you can brave the hipsterness, the Mission district in SF has a good number of thrift stores.

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On Haight Street there are a lot of great places to buy inexpensive, previously owned clothing

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I’ve always been a fan of Wasteland which was/is on Haight Street along with Aardvark.

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Just went this weekend, tons of fun. Thanx to all of you guys!

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Ooops! I made a mistake in the link. It should be . Sorry.

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no worries. i got this jean jacket today, pretty cool, and only for 5 bucks haha

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