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What is the best nail polish to use ?

Asked by Storybooklover (278points) May 4th, 2010

I use maybeline but it got really hot this weekend and it got all dried out. Is there a better brand out there and should I think about maybe storing it in the basement because it is cooler ?

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I have had the best results with OPI.

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OPI or China Glaze

Sation and Jade are also good cheap brands

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I third OPI

I find it lasts forever as long as I keep it out of the sun.

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I store mine in my refridgerator. It seems to keep much better in the fridge. I also use OPI.

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OPI It can last through a session on the potter’s wheel :)

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I use Honeybee Gardens. Has no smell. Lasts longer than I would like. I need to try their remover because alcohol does not cut it.

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I nominated sixth on OPI.

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I’m with the OPI people.

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I use a lot of OPI as well and never had a problem with them.

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I have thin brittle nails, wash my hands allot, use allot of lotion and nail polish usually erodes from the tips of my nails overnight. I find that China Glaze, from Sally’s beauty can last for 2–3 days before wearing off. I have also found a new product (new to me) that seems to help adhere the polish to your nails. Its Bonder from Orly. It dries to a tacky finish and bonds the nail polish to the nail. Then I use Gelous which is the be best topcoat I have ever seen. So this is my new regimen and it usually lasts for about 5 days, which is a really long time for me. 1.One coat of nail moisturizer/strengthener 2. One coat of bonder 3. Two coats of color 4. One coat of Gelous. Good luck, and as an extra hint glitter polishes last longer than regular.

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