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Please tell me, I know everything, and those poor orphans, but what is hot?.

Asked by Aethelwine (42961points) May 4th, 2010

What is Hot?

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I assumed that it may be similar to the previous “Active” tab. Is this correct Fluther Gods?

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I assume ‘Hot!’ is the same thing as ‘Active’, but I could be wrong.

Edit: ninja’d

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yep, I’m lost. :/

okey dokey…figured it out!

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It’s just a list of questions that have a lot of recent activity. The old ‘Active’ tab simply sorted the questions by most recently answered.

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I was wondering that too. I was guessing it was replacing the “active” tab, but a definite answer would be nice.

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I never even figured out what “Active” was, so I didn’t use it.

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Yes, Hot = Active = Questions sorted by most recently answered.

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Everything: Everything!
Hot: Questions that have been recently answered
Orphans: Questions that are in need of some love (and answers!)

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I was hoping it was NSFW. I never cease to be disappointed.

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The first time reading the title of this question was kind of weird. Until I realized that it was about the filters.

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You had to ask? I’m hot! Oh wait – was this a “general” or a “social ” question?

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@ben: I would really Lurve for the iPhone WebApp to have the ability to sort by: All / General / Social / Meta / New / Hot / Orphans / My Fluther,
rather than just General / Social / Meta. The iPhone is still my primary Fluthering device – especially while I’m recovering from surgery. Thanks!

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I agree with @CyanoticWasp – I was hoping, too.

I see “Hot” is back to “Active.” Somebody is having fun tweaking stuff :)

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