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How does handing a person everything destroy a person...or does it?

Asked by talljasperman (21863points) May 5th, 2010

I’ve heard that statement on CNN a few years ago… Is it true or is it false or a grey zone

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I think if you hand everything to a person, they don’t learn how to fend for themselves. They wouldn’t know what it’s like to really earn something on their own or how to handle situations they may find themselves in where they aren’t given something right away without working for it. It would definitely create a major sense of entitlement if they were given everything they wanted.

Without knowing how to do things for themself, they could have a hard time with other aspects of their life. Building a reciprocal relationship with someone could be extremely difficult if they were unable to compromise with their partner because they are use to getting everything they want and need and not giving in return.

So in a way, I could definitely see that as destroying a person.

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People who have never experienced the satisfaction that comes from working hard to achieve something is unlikely to put much effort into improving their situation.

It is better to help someone achieve what they want, than to just give them what they want.

In emergencies we give people things to help them get into a safe situation to start over. Then we encourage them to take on more and more responsibility for taking care of themselves and their dependents.

Until people learn that working for what they want or need is what makes those things valuable, they will never make much of themselves or their lives.

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yes, i have not had to learn alot because of my family and sacrificed alot to take care of them.

not fun at all, but I do what’s expected.

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Usually, when you hand someone everything, it’s too heavy for them to hold up, and they collapse beneath it’s weight.

This was supposed to be a joke, but I actually think it’s a good metaphor to describe what the problem is.

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It’s like giving a man a fish for one day; he’ll die if he doesn’t find out how to go get more food. Teach him to fish, hunt, etc., and he can fend for himself.

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I thinks that statement states the obvious. Often the path of least resistance is to just do it or give it to a person to avoid the drama associated with having that person execute a task on their own. I see that happen more and more in our busy lifestyles that demand expediency and of course denying a person the opportunity to take the time to accomplish their said task/reward is to deny that person their full opportunity to learn and grow.

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No, their attitude, motivation, and personal philosophy towards life may destroy them but having everything handed to someone, by itself, does not unless they let it. Though their outlook can certainly shaped by the ease or difficulty in attaining various things.

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People then line up with their hand out instead of going forward with the business of life and discovering and doing for themselves.

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Yes, but they don’t know it.
It destroys you. Wasting your time helping someone that will never appreciate or benefit from it.

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Yes, it’s not the best thing to do. People need to earn their way; you learn a lot from that. This is why estate and gift tax was originally imposed.

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I totally agree that giving handouts robs the other people of their chance to earn/fend for themselves. However care must be taken so that we dont rule out justified charity.

In all cases, the best bet is to look at the motive and the previous track record of the person(s) involved.

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