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Are dreams more fun than real life?

Asked by KeithWilson (833points) May 5th, 2010

My dreams are usually very vivid and varied. I can go places and do things in my dreams that I could never do in real life. I can fly in most of my dreams, or at least levitate. I never feel any pain in my dreams. I have fantastical and wonderful adventures. I have deep thoughts, ideas and concepts presented to me in my dreams. The women are always beautiful and perfect in all ways. I wake up fascinated and amazed and mystified. With my dream life being so wonderful, I sometimes wonder which is better, my dreams or my reality.

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As much as you may enjoy your phenomenal dream life, if your real life offers no joy or satisfaction you will probably be unhappy despite your dreams. I hope your real life does not let you down.

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Just because my dream life is great doesnt mean that my waking one isnt. Its the very fact that the two states are so closely related in terms of greatness that I can find myself wondering which is better. If my real life was terrible I would of course choose my dreams as the better state and if my dreams were terrilble I would consider my waker life to be greater. That they are both equally good, if for different reasons, is why I am sometimes able to wonder which might be better.

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For me, my dreams seem to highlight my reality by giving me the things I’m missing at that moment in my reality. Like right now, my husband is gone, but he’s always in my dreams. We actually say we’ll see each other in our dreams when we talk every night.

So for me, my reality is my cake and my dreams are my icing.

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i love dreams.

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No I would always go for the real world.

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That seriously depends on the state of your real life.

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My dreams are always weird in one way or another even the hot & steamy ones so I much prefer realizing my dreamlike moments in real life especially the hot and steamy ones! ;)

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Good or bad. I enjoy them. Though sometimes it takes all day to shake them off.

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My dreams are way more interesting and fun than my life. But that doesn’t mean that I want someone else’s bland dreams (or exciting life). I’m content. (In my dreams I’m ecstatic.)

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Depends on the dream. I like the ones where I need to change my boxers afterwards.

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The secret is in your own statement. “I wake up.” Reality is reality. You feel the grittiness of life as well as its beauty.

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I think dreams can be more fun than real life. However, I don’t think you can live in your dreams much more than you already do. If you don’t take care of real life, you won’t have a dream life.

But it doesn’t matter, really. Your dream life is your dream life and your real life is your real life, and there’s little you can do to change the amount of each. Or rather, you can diminish your dream life, but I don’t think you can increase it.

Personally, I almost never remember my dreams. I don’t remember and feelings from them, either. Perhaps I should. Sometimes my real life is rather painful.

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considering that the night before last i dreamt i was cradling a baby sloth in my arms then yes clearly

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Awwwww, that is so sweet. :-)

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@ChazMaz yeah, it’s sweet now. But those baby sloths grow up to be teenagers, you know. Good luck on the ‘sweet’ part then.

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Yea, then you have to eat them.

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In cases such as ‘love’, this quote rocks –
“I don’t want to sleep because my reality is far better than my dreams”
But in your case. Your dreams are awesome!

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Mine are like watching low budget horror flicks. It’s pretty awesome.

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@ChazMaz i dont want to hear ANY MENTION OF EATING SLOTHS.

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i think that dreams give you the opportunity to make things however you want them to do. i believe that dreams are great. you can make your life seem fabulous, but if you let dreaming take over you you will miss out on the great things that do happen in reality. so both are great just in different ways

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YES!...But like in Avatar you have to wake up.
better stick on working with real life.

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Dreams are great, although they project your fantasies of what could happen in real life. So maybe your real life has potential to be even greater than your dreams…after all you can’t stay in fantasy land forever…

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