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How much cash do you generally have on you, and why do you have that amount?

Asked by wundayatta (58635points) May 5th, 2010

I’m interested in people’s explanations for the amount of cash they generally carry around. Personally, I hate cash and wish I could pay for everything electronically. This day may be coming. But I tend to get money in one hundred dollar chunks from the cash machine, and that seems to be enough to last a week and sometimes two. I use it mostly for food and various sundries. The major food expense is every Saturday at the Farmer’s Market. They don’t take anything but cash.

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usually around £20. if im buying something that costs more than that it would just make sense to pay by card but a few pubs and bars dont accept cards without charging a fee so a round of drinks would usually cost under £20. I am a student mind so £20 is alot of money for me. I couldnt really afford to loose more than that if say i lost my purse or something.

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I usually carry around $20 to cover small purchases where a card is not welcomed.
Here in Canada, most vendors accept bank debit cards for purchases and have for decades. I prefer to pat by debit because it leaves me better documentation of where my money is spent.

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There’s many things that you either can’t pay electronically or it’s simply not worth it (eg you’re thirsty, walking down the road, decide to stop somewhere and grap a bottle of water). In some cases cash is simply faster. I do use my credit card for things like flight tickets (which I always book online) or ordering books and so on.

Generally I have around 50–100 euros in my wallet (assuming I actually have that much in total) and maybe a few coins in my pocket. I also keep coins in the car for things like bread and so on, because they usually don’t have change. The great thing about the Euro is that the highest coin is 2e (worth almost $3) which means loose change at the end of the month can easily buy you groceries for a couple of days.

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I would never carry more than £50 around with me.
Most places accept debit cards, so that is my choice of payment.

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$0.00. And it will probably stay that way until I go off to college.

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I have 7000 Icelandic Krónas! Because my dad paid me, I help doing dishes and he pays me:D

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In Australia you can pay for just about any purchase, regardless of how small, with a debit card. I love it because I never seem to remember to put cash in my pocket. But we also have $1 and $2 coins which are gold in color and therefore called “goldies.” They are my favorite coin and I always carry a couple of them for really tiny purchases.

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between $20 and $2000 usualy $200 you never know when the banks going to freeze your account… and emergency money is useless when you can’t get to a bank in time…all so some pizza guys forget the debit machine and you have to pay cash.

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$20 at the most. The only reason I even have that much is because ATMs won’t let me take out less. I use my credit card for absolutely everything. (Just yesterday I used my credit card to pay the parking meter 25¢ for 15 minutes) I use cash maybe 5% of all transactions. I go to the ATM about once a month to replenish my wallet up to $20.

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$400,- $100 for spending, just in case my atm card doesn’t work during a purchase or their computers are down and they can only take cash, but mostly for small purchases where I don’t want to use my atm card. And the other $300 is for extreme emergencies. Need to bribe a cop, or got so drunk I have to take a cab home, or forgot where I parked my car. LOL,
Nah, the other $300 comes from a superstition of holding money in your pocket at the stroke of midnight, new years eve. Did it one year because a dollar never seemed to bring good luck, so I held onto 100 and my husband got a fabulous job offer that year. The next year, I held onto another 100 and he got an even better job offer. Didn’t do it the year before last so no job offer. Did it this past new years and keeping my fingers crossed, it looks like he may have another great offer.

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95% of the time I am cashless. Otherwise around $100us

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I only ever carry more or less what I know i’m going to spend on any given day.

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I am with @ChazMaz on this. 98% of the time I carry no cash. If I am carrying cash, it ranges from $40 to $1200.

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When I cash my paycheck, I usually get $50 cash back. I use cash as little as possible. I keep it for small purchases The rest of my buying goes on my debit card.

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I very rarely have cash. If I do it is usually less than $5.00.

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My husband doesn’t like me spending cash, because he can’t track out money. We don’t use a check registar even though we should. So, I use a debit card and so does he. He deposits a set amount each week, plus whatever tips. So, it’s rare I have cash on me unless I ask him for a five or ten for something specific.

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I have about 80 bucks…..if the girl comes over to help clean or the guy comes to mow.

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I try and have at least £10 in cash on me. If I know I have that then I don’t worry about things like running out of petrol. I prefer paying for small things by cash rather than just constantly use my card.

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Right now I have about £11, for no reason, it’s just what is in my purse.

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Normally I don’t even think about this, but I’ve recently realized I hardly ever carry cash unless I’m overseas or suspect/know that my destination and expenses will be cash only or preferred. When I do it’s usually about $10–20 if I’m local/know I have atm access or $100—$200 if I’m on the road.

What got me noticing it was when someone recently asked if I had a dollar to spare, I reached in my pocket and realized I had no cash whatsoever. That seemed really odd until I started to think about it.

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I rarely have more than $10 – $15 cash in my wallet. I use a card for most purchases.

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i much prefer cash. i get tips at work so i usually have a bunch of ones on me. usually somewhere between 10 and 30 or 40 dollars. i rarely carry more than that.

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I usually keep around $20—$40 in my wallet. It’s true I can pay for everything with the card, but there are some places around here that are cash only and whenever I pay someone else, it’s going to have to be cash. And then there are some places that charge more if you use a card. It’s always nice to have some cash on me in case something comes up where a card isn’t realistic.

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Mine’s always in the bank, and I retreat what I need when it’s called for, which often leaves me with plenty of change. I don’t lug that change around with me though, unless I plan to use it, usually at the dollar store to buy some semblance of food.

Saying I have ’‘money’’ is easily laughable though haha.

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Generally between $10—$20, but I often forget to get more cash out so I usually don’t have any. I use my debit card for just about everything.

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Maximum $20 right after I visit the ATM, otherwise, less – replenish every other week or so.

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I rarely carry cash since there are few little things during a week I need to be buying that my debit card won’t take care of.

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