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Does anybody else feel that users think Fluther is an Apple/Ipod/Iphone support site or forum??

Asked by vanelokz (423points) March 12th, 2008
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It’s an innocent mistake. I thought the same thing the first day I was here.

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I think this stemmed mostly from the iPhone app. I believe that once people are here for a little bit they understand that it’s not.

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not all users realize that unfortunately. Good thing for those who do know though.

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As long as they are good questions I don’t mind. And it seems to have tapered off. I would rather have a “I use a Mac, how do I convert movies to play on my iPhone?” over “This I like girl why dsnt she lke me tu”.

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I don’t think its so much that think this place is for “apple talk”, but a bunch of new comers have been turned on to fluther because of the iPhone and apple. In that sense, why not ask a question about something that most people here have in common. That is, being as its not asked repeatedly… Like johnpowell said, its much better than the “why does not my gf luv me any more?!?!?”.

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Like riser I did think this was an Apple site the first day too. JP said it best, I would much rather answer a question about apple.

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here’s one:
how do u put a pic on my fluther profile with my iPhone?....

No seriously… I really want to know.


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Yes. It’s annoying. I seriously want to know why it is so hard to believe that people do not have an i-phone. Grow up please?

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