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Don't you think that there should be a "Stop following this question" tab where the "Answer this question" box is?

Asked by CMaz (26238points) May 5th, 2010

I scroll to the bottom reading the answers. Decide I am done with the question. Then need to to scroll back to the top so I can “Stop following” the question.

Would be great if I did not have to, scroll back to the top.
Seems simple enough.

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I like things as they are. More fine- tuning means more complications. How long does it take to scroll around, anyway?

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Awwww, did oooo get a cwamp in your finger? Let Trills kiss it for you, (Smooch) there, all better?

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Awww yes, TY. :-) Boo boo all gone.


As far as how long does it take, depends on the amount of questions. Besides, technology is about streamlining the process. Not a going to change the world, but possibly a nice gesture. But I understand if it is a complicated code thing. :-)

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I’m waiting in trepidation for you to tell me if you have any other boo-boos. In retrospect, I see that I left myself wide open to all sorts of comments….

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That would be disrespectful. I save that for those that need some disrespect.

Do you want some, “disrespect?” ;-)

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No thanks! xoxo!

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This unnecessary scrolling back to the top is one of my pet peeves also.

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“depends on the amount of questions.” I meant, answers. :-)

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I hit the home button as a way around scrolling.

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@wundayatta Wow! “Home” just worked for me! I never use that button. Now It has a purpose.

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But then you have to find the question to stop following it.

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I like your Q and proposed solution. Furthermore, I’ll go you one better: I’d like to see the Q recapped at the bottom of the screen. So many times when I click the link for the next or previous Q, by the time the screen resolves I’ve forgotten what the Q even is. Additionally, while I’m editing a hot / popular Q, new respondents’ (or faster typists’) answers appearing over my edit box scroll it off screen, which is a pain, as well.

@worriedguy you’re right; “Home” key does work, but I write from several different keyboards, and that key seems to have no “home” of its own. (Paradoxical, no?)

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I think all we need is a “Go To Top” button in that pretty orange stuff at the very bottom of your screen.

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@CyanoticWasp that pretty orange stuff at the bottom actually does have a “home” link…..

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I just grab the bar on the side and drag it up. Takes about a second and you’re already back at the top.

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One word: Mouse gestures; Right click, Drag to left.

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@rebbel I just tried that and it didn’t work. And that was 7 words.

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I use Opera browser which has mouse gestures built in.
In Firefox there are add-ons for it and i think in Chrome it’s also possible (not sure if it is built in or add-on).

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@rebbel I was trying to be rhetorical there. It didn’t work either.

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out of all those words, which was “the one”? lol

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Because of the ‘new’ Fluther today, i am a little out of my normal being, hence the lack of sharpness.


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Careful there, @rebbel, the term “New Fluther” could get us both modded. They’re on hair-triggers today.

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I have a problem with every time I hit the remove from list or not interested, it goes all the way back to the beginning of page one and I have to scroll down (page down) twice to get to the ‘older’ questions.

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@CyanoticWasp I know. There was a very brief exchange between me and realeyes that was removed, even though it occurred before the change over. It should have been grandfathered, I think. I suppose we will get used to it, but until the, having by having such strict standards in the general question area they are only making more work for themselves, only making their jobs harder.

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I’ve always wanted a “stop following” button at the bottom of the page, too. Since there isn’t one, for now I use the ‘home’ and ‘end’ keys on my keyboard to quickly move to the top or bottom of a page.

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